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Should parents be allowed to punish their children by smacking and other physical means?

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Started: 3/20/2013 Category: Philosophy
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I believe that there is no reason not to smack children as a punishment as long as it is not excessive. Of course, 'excessive' is hard to define- but I think as long as the child does not bleed or bear bruises or severe wounds. I think that after the child has been punished this way their parents should explain why their smacking was justified. Smacking is not to purposely hurt the child, but rather to give the child a reason not to misbehave again.


If a parent uses force to correct a child, all that parent is doing is giving the child a reason not to do that action again (lest the child be hit again). It does not teach the child why the action he or she did was wrong. Also, as soon as the child leaves the parent's home, he will not have the parents to correct him when he does something wrong. Therefore, he knows that there will be no repercussions for doing something wrong and will proceed to do that action (assuming that fear was the only thing holding him back). This means that as a parenting technique, it only works for the time the child spends with the parent and fails afterwards. If, as you advocate, the parent explains why the action was wrong, there would be no need for physical force. Ergo, physical force would be pointless and would just cause pain and/or strife between the child and the parents.

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Posted by makhdoom5 4 years ago
i dont think so.

the kids understand more with love than punishment.
you must act good in front of them they will copy you.

no kid is bad the act of elder make them bad.
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