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Should parents have a right in deciding their child's future?

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Started: 10/13/2012 Category: Education
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I am a high school student in grade 10. i'm not experienced in the art of debating, for which i am very knew to this. So all helpful tips would be greatly appreciated. But, I would like to try debating this topic of the following "Should parents have a right in deciding their child's future?".

In today's society, parents all around are role models for teenagers and children for becoming mature adults and making responsible decisions for their future. Being a High School student I can say that my parents have much more of a influence on me than any other human being.

As a result, I trust my parents to a huge extent. I believe that parents should have more of a decision on their child's life than anyone else.

Think about it if parents don't play a role of deciding their child's future, someone else might and you might not know who that person is.Our Parents experiences can contribute to our decision, parents may have the same situations as us before, and also learned knowledge to offer, For example what university or college to attend, what vehicle to buy and what area to live, i don't mean that parents have to force their child to do this for a living or who they marry, basically they should help them understand about wrong from right, and teaching them what they can do to be successful.How children are raised determines quite a bit of how they will be in the future. If they are raised with love and affection, they are more likely to treat others the same way. If they are raised differently, then they probably treats others the same kind of way.

Parents are older and more mature which means that they can look out for positive problems.In conclusion, i think that parents have a right in deciding their child's future.


Personally I don't think parents should decide their children's future. If some parent decides he wants to make a child do something they don't want to do it could end badly. For example, if a parent decides that their kid should be a doctor, and pushes the child then they will feel stressed, overworked, and like they can't control their future. It can even lead to depression. Lastly even if parents are good role models they don't know everything.
Debate Round No. 1


i'f they dont decide for the child. This leads to the individual being stuck in a job that he or she will be dissatisfied with in the future- not good. But parents must have some say in their child's future. Children do not think as logically as adults and if parents allow their children to make all of their own decisions, most of the children will end up pursuing jobs like a princess, rock star, model, movie star, clown, etc. If I was allowed to make me own decisions as a child, I would have dropped out of school.

It is known, that humans will eventually die, and be replaced by the children. Children are the future of our country, of the world and no chances should be taken. Why should parents let the child do whatever make him happy, when that could sacrifice the future. A child is a very delicate thing, and is not to be played with. So a parent should decide his child's future, until they don't become a child anymore. Then, grant them freedom, and allow them to take control of the future.


You have a minor point. Kids do have foolish dreams when they are young and parents DO need to guide them. But after you grow up then you start to get exasperated like they are controlled. We should give parents SOME right to help decide their child's future but not all. They should be allowed to guide and try to persuade their children but not decide. If one child makes a choice in future they should be allowed to make it. Furthermore, this isn't just about careers. Its about the future. Parents can't decide everything about a child's future life. For example, what if your child wants to marry somebody you don't approve of. How are you going to stop your son/daughter. You can't decide a child's future. You must let the child so they can live a happy life.
Debate Round No. 2


who knows the children better than any body else? Naturally its parents. In parents too only mother knows the child 100 percent and father knows only fifty percent. Mother is always behind the child to teach all the intricacies of life and its importance. So this bond of love and affection will give them more leverage to decide everything pertaining to the welfare of the child. More over they have gave birth to a child, nurtured them to the hilt and when it comes to decision of career choosing , how can they leave that major decision to the hands of their child voluntarily. And parents are not the enemy of a child. They always think good about the child. So deciding their future should be in the hands of parents and they know very well what suits you and what kind of career must be chosen for them.

From our childhood they put full efforts to make our life easy. They educate us very well. They have vision through which they can see our better future prospects. But it is also their duty to discuss about their children's interest. Students also know in which field they are best. So discussion between parents and children for better future is very necessary. So parents never denied the interest of his children in particular field. So children future depends upon parents as well as children itself. Mutual discussion is very important for any good result. Without parents support children do nothing so its mandatory to take decision on mutual discussion basis.


The point is that parents shouldn't have too much power. This debate topic was "Should parents decide their children's future". They can have some control but not LITERALLY CONTROL their child's future.
Debate Round No. 3
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