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Should parents help with homework?

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Started: 2/19/2015 Category: Education
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If there is a hard question that you don't get on your math homework, you should ask your parents, unless you want to fail. Yes homework is for students, but parents should be there for support. But they should not reveal the right answers.


Although homework can be very difficult, students should go to different sources. If a student learns from the textbook or from other materials provided by the teacher, they will be able to learn so much more because they had to seek out the information. Not only will they understand how to solve the problem and others like it in the future, they now know how to seek information and learn from it.

Of course this isn't easy. It is much simpler to just go to a parent, but the parents won't be able to help forever. When they stop, the student will likely not have the motivation or skills to learn the information for themselves. If the parents want to help, they can help the student learn how to find the answer themselves and let them go from there.
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