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Should people be allowed to masterbate to people's social media profiles and photos?

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Started: 9/20/2016 Category: Miscellaneous
Updated: 1 year ago Status: Debating Period
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Who wants to debate m8


First off, masturbating is not harmful to start with. For men and women. It is not supposed to be harmful unless you get rashes on you penis or vagina. Even then, you should not be masturbating every 2 hours, because males don"t have that capacity and females should have logic (not that I"m implying that men don"t). Otherwise, it does not have any affect on the masturbating person or especially others (ergo not a part of it).
Second off, WHY WOULD YOU POST SOMETHING OF YOURSELF ONLINE AND EXPECT IT NOT TO BE LOOKED AT? I understand that it is weird and awkward finding out that someone else is jerking off in a corner looking at a picture of you for pleasure, but really. It is your fault. You post something online and expect it not to be looked at? That is exactly why social media it there. So you can share a bit of you personality with everyone else.
Third off, why would you ban it? Banning masturbating to pictures is a useless task to do. It is not like you would want to have the government to come into someone's room and arrest them because they are masturbating to something that is on their phone. It would be awkward, gross and really unsanitary. Catching someone doing that dirty business is near impossible and intrusive of someone"s privacy.
My conclusion is that it should be allowed to those who want to do it. It is not harmful to anyone, and is plain rude to others when you do restrict it. It is definitely not their fault for posting pictures on social media that turns them on and I think it is fine to masturbate to social media pictures.
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Posted by J0ker 1 year ago
The real question I would pose you is, "Are you obliged to know that I masturbated against your profile picture?" I think not.

It's a simple train of thought: I'd masturbate to your profile picture. Let me see how you stop me. I'm not confessing to doing it, and what I see, here or do is entirely my right as long as I don't breach your freedom.
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