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Should people use filler debates so they can vote?

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Started: 11/18/2016 Category: Miscellaneous
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On this site, people need to debate in order to be able to vote. I want to vote. If you have a serious opinion or you just want to have a filler debate, please accept.
The structure will go like this:
Round 1: Acceptance and arguments
Round 2: Arguments and closing statements
Then it's voting.
I only have one debate under my belt and I would like to add some. I think that it would be acceptable to simply have a couple pointless debates so I can vote sooner. The spirit and word of the law uphold this, seeing as simply debating in the first place proves I am not a troll. My Abortion debate definitely proves I am not a troll, so getting me putting my opinion out there would only add to the development of the debates.
What about other people? If they do what I do, at least they're investing 12+ days into this site (1 day debating and 3 days for people voting). Would a troll really spend even three hours on this if he/she were just going to spend five to ten minutes trolling? Thank you.


I accept this filler debate.
No idea what to debate about so how about...
Should there be minimum age be to sign up for this site?

And since I am the con I will just, well con this.

No there should not be a minimum age to sign up for because everybody no matter what age they are have opinions. And thanks to the Amendments everyone has the freedom of speech. promotes freedom of speech.
(Again just making this for the filler debate. If you want to actually debate this topic or another one just message me and I'll accept the challenge.)
Debate Round No. 1


Thank you. If you read my argument, or if you even read the title, you would know that this is a debate about the usage of filler debates. This is not about the minimum age.
The website has the three debates rule, and for a reason. To stop trolls dead in their tracks and go back to tumblr. And this, for the most part, works. That is all it needs to do. But would a troll really go through the three debates when it can easily go back to whence it came and troll there? Only committed people would do this, and committed people don't need to have three real debates before they can go and vote. THEY SHOULD NOT HAVE TO WASTE THEIR TIME, SO WE CAN LET THE FILLERS RAIN DOWN LIKE GLORIOUS SALVATION AND TASTE THE SWEET, SWEET DEW OF VOTING ON THINGS WE BELIEVE IN OR JUST HAPPEN TO HAVE AN OPINION ON. THIS IS DEBATE.ORG, AND DEBATE WE SHALL. BUT WE HAVE THE RIGHT TO POST OUR OPINIONS ON THE INTERNET IN THIS COUNTRY AND WE WILL! WE WILL SHOUT TO THE WORLD AND BE HAPPY OR WE WILL LEAVE AND GO TO G+


First off, my bad. I miss-understood what you meant. Secondly I think that whether you are a troll or not you should still have to do the 3 minimum debates to vote because it is called, not Also, if you feel that it is unfair then just make another account and debate with yourself over three useless topics and then just never get on one again. Filler debates can be good or bad. I guess it just depends on your mindset and how you feel about certain topics. Also would you want hundreds of second graders finding this site and taking voting not seriously on serious topics like the death penalty, or abortion? To conclude I think that filler debates would be ok, but only if your serious about what you are doing on the site. Otherwise have fun making troll debates that nobody will read.
Debate Round No. 2
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