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Should plus size women pay more for clothes?

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Started: 11/29/2016 Category: People
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A few days ago I stumbled over something disturbing. While shopping online on black Friday I noticed that two identical t-shirts had two different prices. One that costed 10 dollars and the other one 15 dollars. I got a little curious and found out one was for plus size women and the other one for 10 dollars for ""regular women"". This annoyed me. Why should plus size women pay five dollars extra for the same t- shirt? As if they don"t meet other social challanges in today's society. Not only is it a ""shame""to be a little thicker, but now also expensive.
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Posted by Jonbonbon 1 year ago
Not going to accept the debate because that would be a terrible waste of a 100th debate, but I understand your anger. You're not seeing it from the objective standpoint though. It has nothing to do with shaming fat women or intentionally making fat women pay for their clothes. It's probably a shirt that's highly demanded by plus sized women but not demanded by women who wear regular sizes. Demand determines price.

If something stays in high demand, the price will stay the same or even go up, because that's how the company makes money. If something is low in demand, the item gets discounted to encourage sales. Almost everything in business is about the balance sheet, because companies have to make money to survive. So it's not meant to be offensive. It's just meant to respond to useful business practices.
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