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Should pre-marital sex be banned?

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Started: 9/7/2015 Category: People
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First round is just acceptance of debate.


I accept this debate
Debate Round No. 1


Firstly I welcome you.
In my opinion,sex is not a bad thing if both the people engaged are ready for it.It is only bad when it is done forcefully.So any person has the right to have if he/she wants it without considering the age or marital status.The only thing they need to kept in mind is to use the protective measures while getting intimate because it might give arise to many issues in future.Secondly, I want to emphasize on the point that I am not in the favour of prostitution.It has to banned and strong steps has to be taken by the government.
My only point is that just the pre-marital sex should be made legal and the steps against the wrongs must be taken strongly.


Thank you!
Although I respect your opinion, I have to disagree with it.
To clarifying something, premarital sex isn't illegal, you're allowed to have sex before marriage, not against the law or anything.
My view on this is that sex isn't something you should just throw around, it should be saved for commitment, and commitment is marriage. You stated that sex is a choice, and that the person choosing to have sex is ready for it. I disagree with that. Many people are pressured, and are highly influenced by people, when it comes to sex. It become apart of fitting in, and that is what bothers me. Also, I'm taking into account that premarital sex, can cause unwanted outcomes. Like an unwanted pregnancy or even some sort of STD, that can be passed on from having many sexual partners.
If you wait until marriage, you are able to get to know that person on more of an intimate level, and STD's aren't really going to be a problem if you or that person haven't had any other sexual partners. Even if you have sex during a marriage, and get pregnant, it's still a better situation, then getting pregnant while not being married. The CDC gave a teen pregnancy statistic in the year 2013, and there were 273,105 teen pregnancies! Even if using protection, it isn't going to always be safe!
Debate Round No. 2


Yes I would like to answer your views one by one.
Firstly,I am from India and according to the law here,lady of more then 16 years of age with her free will & consent it will not be covered under the offence of Rape as defined under section 375 of the Indian Penal Code.So,it is still not legal for the girls below 16 but I would accept your point with due respect as it might be legal in your country.

Secondly,I hadn't mention that sex should just be thrown.I told that it is not bad if it is willingly done by both the person.Also,I would like to correct you that commitment does not only mean marriage.A boyfriend-girlfriend relationship is also commitment.Besides,people do have live-in relationship.The only thing needed in the commitment is that both the person should be loyal to each other.

Thirdly,If you have read my argument properly then I had mentioned that they should take protective measures while getting intimate so as to avoid the issues arising in the future(due to the pregnancy).

Fourthly,please read my last line that strong steps should be taken against the wrongs.So, I do believe that pressuring the person for sex is wrong.But that cannot be eliminated by banning the pre-marital sex.It can be stopped by taking quick and strong steps against the accused.

Lastly,I am not telling that directly be intimate with some.If both the person in a relationship are loyal then only you should be intimate.And if both the person are loyal that won't give rise to the question of STDs.


That's fantastic that you're from there! So I guess our reasonings are very different based on laws and stuff.
To begin, you once again mentioned that if two people are ready to have sex, then it's fine. A 16 year old male or female can easy convince themselves that it's okay, and that's it's what they want, when it isn't. Then obviously the consequences of that follow. Also you brought up commitment, like I did. Yes there is commitment in a boyfriend, girlfriend relationship, but it's not the kind of commitment that is put into marriage. Your logic doesn't phase me because not once have I seen you use statistics or anything, your views are purely just an opinion, not facts. Facts beat an opinion anyway.
According to Time Magazine, 40 % of children born, are born to couples that are not married. That is an unstable foundation for a child to be born in. There isn't as much commitment in that kind of relationship.
You stated that sex is okay if its protected sex. Not all sex will be protected, it's impossible. And even if they use protection, it's not always going to work. There is also a change of STD's still, especially if you have many sexual partners.
Debate Round No. 3
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