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Should prostitution be made legal?

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Started: 12/25/2017 Category: Politics
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First of all, a women entering the world of prostitution have a 75% chance of being assaulted and an 85% chance of being raped in their "career." According to an online poll, at least 60% (over half) of prostitutes were violently attacked, bruised, or cut. To make prostitution legal would only normalize an appalling mistreatment towards women. A real career shouldn"t have people afraid of being raped daily.
Second of all, it could NEVER be a legitimate career. Many countries (especially in Europe) have tried to legalize prostitution. It only led to an economic failure, tons of dead women, and hospitals full women trying to have COSTLY abortions. Making prostitution a career is technically a "F*CK YOU" to society.
Also, making prostitution legal would only make it easier for human traffickers and child rapists/pornographers to deal with their "dirty business." Do you honestly think that it"s morally right to have women purposefully sell themselves as slaves into the sex industry? If women are so desperate for money they should sign up for welfare or get a legitimate job.
Finally, many prostitutes agree that their work is not a victimless crime and that they feel uncomfortable and used. Some even explained that many of their customers are drug-traffickers and/or parts of violent gangs.


Well it is a woman's business what she wants to do with her body. If she feels that prostitution is unsafe then she doesn't have to get involved in it. Making prostitution illegal is really the government making a woman's decisions for her, which is patronizing and it actually violates her liberty. So, if a woman offers her body for money and somebody is willing to pay, it is their decision. What about the prostitutes who are not assaulted, why can't they continue their profession if it benefits them?
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Posted by KZC 2 years ago
Legalizing trafficking nonetheless.
Posted by Autistic_Spider 2 years ago
It's the world's oldest profession and no one's decision what someone is or is not allowed to do with their own bodies... That being said it certainly shouldn't be 'illegal'.
Posted by ISDA 2 years ago
It is already legal in Australia.
Posted by missmedic 2 years ago
When something is illegal, the control of the something is put in the hands of the criminal and that makes anyone associating with the something a criminal too.
Posted by backwardseden 2 years ago
Yeah. Exactly. Leaning has in right. It is most certainly legal in NV. Not only that but "ladies of the night" as they are called, make one helluva lot of money IF they manage what they do right and correct and can keep their heads above water. Now I could also tell you some true terrors that would turn your soul black but all in all because of their situations would have to support prostitution nevertheless. Also on the very high stick of the end these call girls can charge, and get, an easy $1,000 per hh. So you think working in a laundromat or checking out groceries is their career choice? What about if they live in dire need and they have children, they need a meal ticket? What then? Oh I get it, you are christian. But your god put them in those hell holes to begin with with no way out except for prostitution. And what about men in similar situations? Duh.
Posted by Leaning 2 years ago
Something about Nevada. Also do you mean legal or illegal for all your statistics?

I found interesting
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