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Should racial segragation be reimplemented?

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Started: 12/8/2015 Category: Society
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First round will be acceptance.


Racial segragation: "the practice of restricting people to certain circumscribed areas of residence or to separate institutions (e.g., schools, churches) and facilities (parks, playgrounds, restaurants, restrooms) on the basis of race or alleged race."

establish (something) again or anew.
"this project will re-establish contact with students"

I will be Con.
Debate Round No. 1


Just a warning to the voters, my opponent is not very informed of his argument.

My opponent posted a video showing the riots in a poverty stricken area. With poverty accompanies crime and a lack of education. Posting a video showing a group of select individuals that are on the low end of the socioeconomic scale doesn't support Pro's argument, actually proves nothing and goes to show my opponent is associating class-ism with racism.

Anyways, back to the actual debate. There are a large number of reasons why modern-day segregation is a ridiculous idea. The primary three are moral, social, and economic issues that would accompany it. We will explore all three.

Moral: "concerned with the principles of right and wrong behavior and the goodness or badness of human character."
America is supposed to be the example for the world. A country that is supposed to represent freedom, liberty, justice, and equality. America lacked all of those until the 1960s. Now that we are beginning to mend the rifts and become an overall tolerant, progressive country, there are some that refuse to conform and instead live in the past. Just twenty years after the passing of the Civil Rights Act, the US was pressuring South Africa to abolish their system of legal segragation (Apartheid.) How can America be an example for the world when they separate their citizens based off of such superficial traits such as skin color? With a black President in office! The idea isn't too rational.

Social: For this, I will define society as social relates to society. "The aggregate of people living together in a more or less ordered community.
Separating the American nation by race will create rifts even greater than the modern era. For once, we are living together in harmony working towards making our nation great. Dividing the races will lead to more tension and stereotypes as the races won't interact to destroy the disillusions of the other race. It has been proven that forced tolerance works. Integration lead to the prosperity of our incredibly diverse nation.

Economic: "of or relating to economics or the economy."
Segregation is not economically feasible. In the modern era, we have a middle class that knows no race. These are consumers who work for a living and are prepared to give their hard-earned money to a business. Denying all races except for one would be stupid. There is no rational explanation to deny someone service because of their race.
Not only that, but we would have to install bathrooms, water fountains, parks, etc. for each and every race. Who's going to pay for that? Not only will segregation lose money, it will cost a ton as well.

It's 2015. Any race can do anything any other race can do. Any race can get a PHD. Any race can be a CEO. Any race can become the most powerful man on Earth (POTUS.) Segregating the races will inevitably lead to an oppressive system that favors the majority.


As you can tell from my video, whatever my opponent just said is complete BS.
we are not living in harmony whatsoever.

looking at other countries and not just our own you can see that their is always tension between cultures.
Hutu's vs tutsis
Greeks vs Turks
Chinese vs Japanese
Israel vs Iran
and so many more.

looking at our own country and looking at STATISTICS AND FACTS you can see that black on white violence is 23 times more likely than a white on black assault which is rising. 35,000 white women get raped by black males while 0-8 black women get raped by white males every year. Statistics aren't "racist".

Forced assimilation by democrats is what is making people hate one another and kill each other. Looking at Mizzou, Ferguson, or any other issue of TODAY you can see that their is no harmony whatsoever. I'm not saying whatsoever that re segregation would a hinder anyone or anyone's race to still get a PHD or become a CEO. all that would happen is that people would live more comfortably even if it is ignorant to think this way.

My opponent likes to bring up history but has no depth of what is going on around him of today's society and what happens around the world. Keep living in your little fantasy bubble of harmony between races. In no point in history has forced assimilation and integration caused peace.

Marcus Garvey is more intelligent than this guy let me tell you.

In no way shape or form do I hate any race and I have plenty of friends from various cultures. All I'm saying is that their is racial tension and its not going away by being ignored.
Debate Round No. 2


In case you haven't noticed his horrendous grammar and overall demeanor, my opponent isn't very intelligent. Pro cites a video showing the opinion of individuals in a poverty stricken area and believes that it's an accurate representation of all black Americans and racial tension as a whole. It is not hard to see the fault in his logic. If I were to walk around the trailer park Pro calls a home and record those individuals saying something blatantly racist or offensive, would it be considered an accurate representation of all white Americans as a whole? No. Try asking an educated, professional black man what his opinion is and I assure you it will be the exact opposite.

Pro also mistakenly confuses political conflict and international relations as synonymous to America's racial demographics. You are referring to nationalities. We are debating about racial segregation in a single country.
The Chinese and Japanese have had tensions as countries for years. It has nothing to do with race. It was two large countries competing for dominance in Asia.
Israel and Iran have nothing to do with race or religion. It's a political conflict. East vs West. Jews in Iran enjoy the same equality as Muslims. It's even in their constitution.

All those examples you cited have nothing to do with race relations. That's all political skirmishes among people who don't even live in the same country. Also, I could also cite France vs Germany. Two countries with different cultures that fought the bloodiest wars in history twice and now they are allies. They are NATO members and both members of the EU. Clearly, two different countries can set aside their differences and prosper.
So there goes your entire argument.

You cite crime as a reason for racial segregation? Have you ever questioned why blacks are disproportionately represented in poverty levels? It's called disenfranchisement and the effects are still around to this day. White flight, red-zoning, and mortgage discrimination. Denial of basic economic and social opportunities. That is why blacks are primarily on the lower end of the socioeconomic scale. You can't oppress a certain race for 600 years and then expect them to conform in the 60 years that they have given. That's not even a single lifetime.

You cite black crime as a reason for your argument. And? How does that support your argument at all?
I've already shown that integration can work perfectly. Europe has done is longer than us and I don't hear a lot about racial you?

My opponent is clearly confusing his class-ism with racism and believes he's justified. You are an idiot. Learn to spell and then try to keep up with the big boys, kiddo.


Everything you spew out your mouth is bullsh*t. Europe is not fine. Their is a problem with arab immigration right now and maybe if you had half a brain you would realize that their is racial tension there too.

yup harmony
Debate Round No. 3


Except that's in reference to immigration and not about citizens that already live there. How big of a f*cking idiot are you that you keep jumping from argument to argument when I prove you wrong? Why don't you address my rebuttals instead of bringing up irrelevant points? Or is that too hard for your little brain?


How does referencing immigration not have anything to do with racial tensions between cultures? Imbecile.
Debate Round No. 4


You're comparing a refugee crisis, which is primarily opposed due to terrorist attacks by ISIS, to race relations in the US among citizens who have lived here for centuries and don't understand how that doesn't support your argument? Again, address my rebuttals and points instead of jumping from idiotic statement to idiotic statement so I can keep proving you wrong. Or wait, do you have nothing to say? It's ok buddy, I hate being wrong too. I'll take the conduct point loss because you're that big of an idiot that it's impossible to maintain my composure.
Sorry you don't have the mental capacity to differentiate between fears of terrorism and racism....just walk it off.


dom761 forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 5
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Posted by mall 2 years ago
The con side really proved against the affirmative. Do not see how this resulted in a draw. Again, one can quote all the statistics desired. Ultimately, you will never be able to accurately tell from numbers what a situation will result into to or the pure essense of a scenario or situation. There's a continued moot on "tension". First, define tension in relation to people interaction. Two, find out what's causing the tension. Logically speaking, segregation should be enforced or implemented whereever it's justified. For example, segregate from prejudice people. Intergrate where it does serve justice. For example, intergrate, associate with constructive people and their constructive behaviors ultimately. Just saying to separate due to "racial tension", well already this is coming out of a broad view. Looking at things and setting up generalizations for everyone. Not everyone has the same issue or problem that another believes in. Rest is just coming from third person, third pary reporting. So segregation all together proven in this debate creates more problems. Integration all together has it's problems not proven in this debate but more like biased generalized data being used in attempt to prove . Real problem are those people and this mistreating behaviors. Their insensible thinking is where it's proven that the social issues arise. Back to the topic, reimplement segregation where it serves a complete justice.
Posted by Sdio 2 years ago
Another point to my brain dead opponent...why don't you enter the professional workforce and admire the diversity within, in which all races work together to accomplish a common goal. I'm sure your job at McDonald's is pretty diverse as well. Admire the diverse workforce instead of a segregated, poverty stricken area.
Posted by Sdio 2 years ago
Yeah...he's not too bright.
Posted by EqualityEquantity 2 years ago
I honestly don't think pro understands what this debate is about or what he's saying.
Posted by Sdio 2 years ago
Well, voters, clearly my opponent is wrong as he never once successfully countered anything I have said. In fact, nothing he said supports the idea that racial segregation should be implemented. His main argument was black on white crime yet he doesn't cite a single source for his statistics, nor does he confirm that any of those crimes were racially motivated. Take a good look at the by-product of the Southern educational system.
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