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Should recreational Marijuana be legalized by the United States government?

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Started: 2/24/2015 Category: Health
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I think that Marijuana should not be legalized for recreational purposes due to the health effects caused from smoking the drug. There have been many scientific studies that prove that Marijuana affects, for example, the learning & growing development of teenagers. Marijuana has been proven by scientists to destroy brain cells of Marijuana users.

Let the debate continue :)


I accept this debate.

Marijuana should be legal for recreational purposes and regulated the same as alcohol for 3 reasons

1. Marijuana has been scientifically proven to be less harmful the smoking or alcohol but both are legal so logically so should weed.

2. Legalization has many positive effects. Such as extra tax revenue on the sales instead of black market sales which we can't collect taxes on, people have a way to enforce deals or then violence so the violence rate would drop, people who are addicted could seek rehabilitation and improve there lives without fear of going to jail, and there would no people in jail for non-violent drug offenses so that would save the tax payers money and people who did nothing wrong don't have to go to jail.

3. If they are not hurting anyone else my doing it what business is it of the government what you do in private or with your own body. Personally I believe that you should be allowed to do whatever you ever want as long as it's between consenting adults. So drugs should be legal otherwise if the government is getting involved with what you do with your own body and tells you you can't decide what to do with your own body that sounds like the government saying they own you which goes against freedom.

So I don't see any arguments against it unless you're anti-freedom. As of when I'm typing this weed will be legal where I am in 12 hours. Personally I'm excited. I don't smoke weed nor to I intend to start but, I'm excited for the reasons above.

So my biggest point is get the government out of people's personal life.
Debate Round No. 1


I get what you mean. I actually have a very similar political philosophy to you. I do not believe that the government should interfere with how people live, but to an extent.

I know drinking and smoking cigarettes are harmful, and could be more harmful than smoking marijuana, I do believe it is still not good for a developing teenager to become addicted to. For example, in my school, I have seen many so-called "pot-heads" walking around my school. These kids are the ones getting the poor failing grades, along with not paying attention in classrooms. I know there are kids in this situation that do not smoke this drug, but I believe that there is a correlation between Marijuana and learning development.

Yes, I know that if they don't bother anybody, then it is okay. I believe that the government shouldn't legalize it though (even though I am a conservative) because I personally feel like this nation will take a tumble if we have millions of addicted marijuana users living on food stamps and on other hard-working people's money (welfare). Now, I am not saying that all are like this, but is highly evident of that in Denver and Seattle, in my opinion.

Now medical use is a totally different subject...


So you made 2 arguments

1. Teens get addicted to it and fail school
2. if we legalize it millions will be addicted and not work and be on welfare.

Argument one is true teens do get addicted to it, however at a much lower rate the alcohol or smoking. However this isn't a valid point for two reasons.

1. no one is saying it should be legal for teens just for adults 21 and older
2. The same could be said for teens who drink but, I don't see you wanting that to be illegal. Plus with weed being lower risk it's a double standard to say ban weed but not alcohol.

argument two is incorrect as well. Weed being legal wouldn't make anyone who doesn't want to smoke it start. If they want weed they can easily get it. I'm in high school right now, and I know three people who I can get weed from for a couple dollars it's not hard to get so these millions of people who will suddenly start getting addicted simply don't exist. As for the lazy people on welfare in Denver and Seattle where are your statistics because all the ones I have seen don't report anything like that. Plus again about people getting addicted. Because weed is illegal people don't seek help for addiction which could be helped and help them get on with there life because they are scared of going to jail. It being legal would help fix that so I would argue that legalization would decrease addiction.
Debate Round No. 2


Alright, I understand your argument to why Marijuana should be legalized. The point I set up this debate was because I have to write a research paper based on this topic as a project.

I guess Marijuana could be legalized recreationally, but you have to reach a certain age, just like smoking cigarettes and drinking alcohol.

I do not think that teens should use Marijuana. Check this website:

What do you think? I really appreciate you rebutting in the debate. Thanks.


Oh wow I've never had anyone change there mind. Thanks for the debate if you want any sort of help with the paper arguments, sources or ideas in general Message my account I'll be happy to help if you need it.
Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by ineedpizzarightnow 3 years ago
Marijuana is harming the brains of our future generation. Our doctors, teachers, parents. Do you want these people to have a harmed brain due to drug abuse in the past? Marijuana should not be legalized because imagine these high people on the streets? What would happen then? The injured would run to some high doctor. Also the fumes from smoking this can add to the poor air quality and can possibliy harm animals or children when used irresponsibly. Marijuana smokers are setting bad examples for others and are harming themselves and others.
Posted by missmedic 3 years ago
When something is illegal the control of it is put in the hands of the criminal.
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