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Should religion be allowed in public schools?

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Started: 2/9/2015 Category: Religion
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Wade Wahlig2/5/15

Religion in Public Schools

Human civilization is largely based on religion. We teach math, science, languages, and art, but are afraid to teach religion despite it being a major force in the development of our culture. We would rather remain ignorant than offend people because we are so afraid of complaints or lawsuits. In order to reverse the moral decline of our country, we should teach religion in schools.

Although school programs (for example, the anti-bullying program) suggest that there is some moral compass we must follow, but we are afraid to teach the basis for this "right" moral behavior. Most people say cheating is wrong. Why exactly is it wrong? Schools say that it is wrong, but they do not answer the question of why it is wrong.

Learning about religions will help us understand ourselves and others, and may help decrease conflicts between various religions once we understand the historical basis for each. For example, if we studied and discussed the Islamic religion, we would understand the goals of ISIS and other Islamic terror groups.

Who am I? Why am I here? Where did I come from? Where am I going? We should not be afraid to explore these questions, and look to the various religions, non-religions, and other philosophies to answer these critical questions, not hide from them forever and leave young students unsatisfied and undirected.

"The First Amendment states that Congress shall make no law preventing the establishment of religion or prohibiting its free exercise." This clearly states that you can say whatever you want about religion, and pray anytime. Some people think that school prayer violates the "separation of church and state." The concept of separation of church and state is commonly misused by people who say that it means that religion should be not allowed in school. It actually means that the government cannot sponsor or favor one certain religion.

In order to reverse the moral decline that has gripped our country, we would profit by teaching religion in schools. If we do this, we give students the chance to explore the foundations for moral behavior.


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I gladly accept this challenge.
First off I would like to state that I do have religious beliefs and I am not trying to be bias towards any one side. I do agree with your statement that we are largely based on religion, the American Dollar even has the words "In God We Trust" written along the side of it. But teaching religion within a school seems like a way to create a unnecessary amount of arguing.

While you do have to remember that there are thousands of religions out there, a school would have to accommodate a good majority of them to slide without getting noticed and then you can imagine what happens there. I assume you haven't looked into great depth within this topic (I realize that sounds offensive and I apologize if you took it as an offense for not intended.) As I previously stated, schools would have to accommodate a large list of religions, such as Christianity, Judaism, and even small religions such as Pastafarianism (which is a thing.) For teachings to take place of these religions you would need teachers, paid teachers which comes along to money issues. School funding is already not the best as you can tell due to the lack of pay teachers unfortunately receive as of now, and adding a large mass of teachers to teach religion seems unnecessary. There are private schools just for this reason as well.

I like your example of cheating, and you said exactly what I was thinking, cheating is immoral. While it is immoral (some may think otherwise but that is beside the point) people just in general, not like liars (cheaters.) Schools are to teach you, to set you up to become something in the future, to allow you to live life to the fullest, allowing someone to cheat would be a counter to all that, allowing you to give yourself a bad reputation amongst your peers.

I think that your example was to extreme, ISIS is a group which, yes they are Muslim, but they pushing for their way in a way which has made people all around the world have a growing hate for them (A hate for ISIS, not Muslims as a whole.) While religion in schools could teach you about there beliefs, why is it necessary?

I feel as if I am answering the same question over and over so do forgive me for keeping these last few short. The who, why, where, (etc) is not a problem with schools. I'm going to be quite honest, as a high school student (please think of me no differently than you did before) people do not want to study religion, most students have a disrespect for religions as is. All through out the halls you can hear slang and words of hate thrown about with no second thought. Phrases like "Oh my God" or "Jesus Christ" are said with such disrespect for someone who made you, you are alive because of (insert here.)

While I am in all technicality a minor, this hurts to say. We (Students/Minors) do not have the same rights as adults do. Within school grounds we are not given the freedom of speech. Its kind of like the "Speak when spoken to" rule. Did you know it is ILLEGAL to not go to school without parental/guardian consent? You are not given the right to bear arms within school grounds (Which I understand to the fullest.)

Remember I am a follower of God, sometimes religion (do not take this the wrong way) is just not needed in some places. Go to a private school if you wish to study or practice a certain religion. If you are Christian such as my self, you don't need classes to teach you of the Lord or to make you feel like your religious. Know that God is always with you. If your do not believe in God then I again, apologize for offending you as that was not my intent.

I hope this was worded properly as I tried my best not to offend specified religions. Religion is a touchy subject.
Debate Round No. 1


I am not saying that you have to preach religion, rather explain how religion is a big part of our society today. Also, when I went to ask if in our argumentative essay unit I went to ask if I could do "Is there a God" , the principal immediately turned it down. My school does not give me my constitutional right to express my freedom of speech, so that is why I joined this program []. All I want is for me to be able to stand up in front of my class and say what I believe.


So you as well are a student within a school?
Interesting, I honestly didn't expect that.
Just because you aren't allowed to express your feelings of religion doesn't DeChristianize you. I feel as though you are a much stronger believer than I, so it is relatively hard for me to understand why you desperately want this right. Religion none the less is a major part as I've said before. I wouldn't expect much form the school system by the way. That was probably your first mistake anyways. I do have to agree with your principal on this one though.
Debate Round No. 2


Yeah, well, I love arguing, especially about things that actually matter, not something like,"whats better; a hybrid or a gas car" these topics have little to no meaning about our world outside of the land of cars. God is something that everyone can relate to, and have opinions about. The school system should be what it says it is, a great place where people can learn and grow.


God is a touchy subject as I once said, and there are many different religions allowing many different thoughts and acts towards this figure they glorify (For some its God for others it may be a statue of sorts, many different options.) But schools do not necessarily need this attention brought up through out schools, because if one person is say a Catholic Christian (I use this example due to your beliefs I found through your dash board) and say a Jewish student, if these two get into a discussion and bring up beliefs, one will likely say, "Well my God is real", or "My God does so and so"
I can not change your opinions, for that is up to you, and I am NOT, hear me out NOT, saying there is one true religion, but sometimes it religion can cause chaos throughout the system, resulting in fights and unneeded arguments. God does not want the world to run off and flourish with hate, and religion within schools may bring this up.
I enjoyed debating with you, and I hope that you see what I am talking about.

Best of Luck
Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by TruVenom 3 years ago
Lol man, you should know this being my age, havent your parents told you this? "Life isn't fair"
Clearly as the 0-3 score. I won, think as you wish, but 7 points were removed from you because the simple fact of biast. It would be unfair if I stated "yeah I agree with you just cause, there isn't a reason for me to agree, I just like you better as a person."
Posted by spitfire1212wade 3 years ago
Okay, not fair. That is seriously not fair. It was viable. I won. End of story.
Posted by bluesteel 3 years ago
>Reported vote: Kylar // REMOVED<

7 points to Pro. {RFD = Reasons for voting decision: This one goes to pro because we share the same views. Arguments were excellent by pro, and sources were good. Conduct and spelling goes to pro too, and this was a great debate. I think religion must/should be allowed in schools}

[*Reason for removal*] This is basically a vote bomb because (1) it just repeats the point categories ("sources were good," "arguments were excellent," "spelling goes to Pro." This RFD does not make *any* attempt to explain *why* Pro's sources or arguments were better. (2) This RFD *literally* admits that Kylar voted for Pro simply because they shared the same beliefs. The arguments didn't matter. Kylar just voted all 7 points to the side he already agreed with.
Posted by footballchris561 3 years ago

I live in New York which is also a very liberal state and the school I went to did not teach any religious classes aside from the basic knowledge we learn in history about the culture of certain religions but it was brief. There were also no philosophy classes for fear of people being offended by the evidence of a lack of god. These strong opinions (on both sides) just create conflict which distracts people from more important issues. These conflicts are sometimes big enough to make the news.
Posted by Andrea39 3 years ago
It is really cool that you 2 are as young as you are and that you are putting thought into things that have substance and meaning. Ive got kids your age and it makes me sad and scared how little this is happening. Please keep it up:)
Posted by jsgolfer 3 years ago
But religion is already taught in public schools? Im not sure what more you could want. In the United States, or at least in California (a very liberal state, I might add), where I attended primary and secondary education, you learn about the origins of Islam, Hinduism, Buddhism, and Daoism during your early civilizations classes, as they are vital to understanding the societies of said civilizations. You are allowed to practice your religion in school as long as it does not disrupt classroom activity. I attend a Public University and I can pull out my Bible and read it anywhere I want. If your public school is legitimately restricting you from practicing your religion (within reason) you need to take it someone in a position of power and fix it.
Posted by spitfire1212wade 3 years ago
oh hey i just posted round 1 on your debate
Posted by Tminusfour20 3 years ago
Oh well then yeah that's fair enough.
Posted by spitfire1212wade 3 years ago
Im not saying it should be preached. Im saying that it should be allowed to be mentioned without going to the principals.
Posted by GenericUser1026 3 years ago
"Freedom of Religion yes. Discreet practice of Religion in school maybe. Openly promoting a specific religion or religious doctrine in school...absolutely not."
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