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Should school allow unnatural hair colours?

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Started: 1/15/2015 Category: Education
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im challenging u to try and convince me why not to retaliate against my school to allow to dye my hair an unnatural colour. my point is that its my hair and its my money im using to dye my hair. a lot of schools accept the rule but refuse to pay for the hair to be re dyed to a natural colour again. i, on a personal level love having my hair dyed all sorts of colours but cant have it done because of school regulation, i don't think its fair that schools should control what colour my hair is and should be


As you have stated, many schools have allowed the hair to be dyed, however, they don't pay for a person to redye it. Why should the school pay for you to dye your hair back to a natural color? You decided to dye it in the first place, so you must deal with the consequences. However, on the topic of why your school does not allow you to dye your hair. I'd like to show you this news article in which a girl was not allowed to her school because her hair was dyed a very distracting color.

The only reason I can see your school saying no to you dying your hair is because you are attempting to dye it a bright, vivid, or distracting color. Otherwise, a school cannot tell if your hair is dyed.
Debate Round No. 1


i will carry on this debate on your point about schools needing to pay for re dying hair. now the only reason im putting foward this point is because its a school rule, yes the pupil has decided to pay and dye their hair but if all schools around u have the rule of no unnatural hair then i think that school should pay for it as the pupil doesnt want to re dye their hair to a natural colour, the school does. and on ur point about distractions. if colour does distract a students attention i, myself am wondering why there are coloured text books or coloured posters on walls... i mean surely the posters would distract a students attention away from their work? and a lot of other things distract students but i dont see them being banned from school shuch as school bags, in my school we get to choose what bags we take in and not take in. there are many different coloured bags in my school and yet they dont distract students. also what about windows? windows are a massive distraction, not the window itself but what the window does is distracting. i stare out the window sevral times in school instead of doing work. does that mean schools should ban windows? or there is such thing as a distracting person, but i dont see any of the annoying kids in my school be banned


Schools are allowed to have their own rules. An example from my life is that one school that I went to allowed hats and hoods, while another does not. There is simply no other way to explain it.

So, to clarify, it's a school rule at your school that the school has to pay for your hair dye, I'm confused...

moving on..

The bulk of your argument is about the fact that your hair won't be distracting, because other things in the schopl are very distracting. Let me dive into this.

First off, it's not the color that distracts students, it's what HAS the color that's the issue. Textbooks and posters are colored because they want your attention, however, I can tell you from personal experience that nobody looks at the educational posters that teachers have on their walls. Most students are to busy talking to friends or doing school work to pay attention. Now, let's say you do acknowledge the posters. When walking into a new room, most people will look around and acknowledge things, like posters, however, if they go to the same place everyday for the next few months, like people do at school, they will soon completely ignore the posters, because they're normally there.

This argument can also be used for bags, but since using the same argument is boring, I'll add to it. Most students, if not all, place their bags on the floor besides them, or under there desks, where nobody will think to look. Therefore, bags cannot distract because they are out of sight.

Third. Windows. Windows, again, are always there. Sure, if you sit next to the window, you might look out. But unless the buildings outside move or disappear, you're staring at the same time everyday, and if the window distracts you for that length of time, it's your own fault, not the schools. Windows are there so you don't feel like you're in a prison. If you want them removed, your fellow students will not be happy.

Fourth and final. Annoying students get detention, and technically, can be removed, so... Yeah.
Debate Round No. 2


o i get ur arguments about everything iv pointed out im goignt o carry on with the point about the bags. now yes the bangs are put under tables and to the side when in class but what about when students are moving around the school with their bags during lesson times for reasons like, needing the toilet or having to get out of the class room because their in trouble? now the bangs ur talking about are in face veiw of other students in classrooms whom are learning. then the colourfulness of the bag is a distraction. now arguing back of the point about students. no they can not be removed to a permanent extent. the way i see it my school wants bright hair colour compleatly removed and out of site untill i leave school, with students a techer can give detentions and remove them from the classroom... for that period of time, so afterwards if i have that same student in my same class he or she will still be there distracting me.


I don't know how your school works, but generally, whenever a student goes to the bathroom, they leave their bags in the classroom, so they can't wear it around school to distract other students. To add to that, in order for students to be distracted by a student going to the bathroom, they'd have to stare out from their classroom into the hallway and watch the distracting backpack, which the teacher would not allow. Or, let's say the distracted student stayed inside his or her classroom? How else would they be distracted by an outsiders backpack? Would the outside press his backpack to the window into the classroom? That's just silly.

Now, onto your point about students. Yes, actually, a student can be permanent removed from a school for varying periods of time. If a student is a disruption, the teacher can have they stand outside the room, or go to the office. If they continue to be a distraction, they can be suspended for any amount. And finally, in extreme cases, a student can be expelled, which is meaning that they are totally removed from the school for ATLEAST the remainder of the school year. They can also be placed in alternative school, which is generally a place where disruptive students go to learn for a period of up to 3 months.

Finally, this argument is related to hair and hair color, and with all of these other arguments, we are getting sidetracked. To reaffirm my position, I, as the Con, state that schools have the right to deny any student the ability to dye their hair, should enough faculty complain that it is to distracting. I also stand by my stance that a school can have different rules from other schools, and thus, are allowed to deny students hair dye while nearby schools allow it.
Debate Round No. 3


ok staying on the subject about hair colour, i don't think schools should be allowed that right. This argument being specificity about my school and the schools around the bounty is that most of the schools allow make up and in the rule books (i checked) say that make up is only prohibited to a certain content, as in girls or guys can come into school with heavy make up, only to hide blemishes. so basically the rules state that because a lot of girls and guys have insecurities about mark and such on their bodies a little bit of foundation and eye liner and mascara is allowed to be worn by both genders. now what if i was to say, me specificity i don't like my hair. which is a true fact, and just like make up, hair colour makes me feel more confident? im going to get a tiny bit personal here but i havnt been to school in nearly a month because i hate the way i look, i refuse to step into the school, iv always felt like this and when i do go to school i feel the most uncomfortable feels rushing through my body. whenever in the past that iv dyed my hair a bright or bold colour i didnt care about the rest of me, hair colour to me was like make up. now i dont know this for a fact but im sure a lot of teenagers out there feel like me, and if not exactly like me im sure they feel like they cant leave the house without a bit of foundation on. now remembering this about schools in my bounty and around my area, i want to know why schools so treat hair colour like make up. ill tell u one thing, the schools around me accept make up but dont accept bright hair colour but dont realise that if one bit of make-up get ruined on a girls or guys face they will probably be in the toilets fixing it, i bet they would even refuse to go to class until it was fixed... hair colour doesn't do that.

and oh yh just a little about the bags.. all the schools around me have this massive window in every single class room so teachers from the hall way or if we have any visitors can see how classes work without disrupting the class itself... so yh bags and people walking by is very distracting


You state that the rulebook allows a REASONABLE amount of make-up, and that the make-up can only hide blemishes. A simple search on Google of "Definition of Blemish" will yeild the following result:

Blemish: a small mark or flaw that spoil the appearance of something.

While I agree that it make-up should be allowed for blemishes, blemishes are only things like pimples or scars or anything of that nature. Hair color is NOT a blemish. It is the color you were naturally born with, and since it is natural, it is a blemish. It is ALSO worth noting that make-up and hair dye are NOT the same thing. Make-up is meant to only be used temporarily during the day time, which is why you wash it off before you go to bed. Hair dye is meant to be permanant, and therefore, you cannot compare the two and say that they are the same.

Also, you cannot use your personal experience about you hating how you look for a number of reasons.

Number one: Many people, myself included, dislike how they look. Only in rare occasions does a student refuse to go to school because of how they look.

Number Two: I highly doubt this fact is true. No offense to you, but no self-respecting parent anywhere would let their child stay home from school for a MONTH simply because they don't like their hair color. It's extremely unreasonable.

Now in your statement, "I've dying my hair a bright or bold color". This is exactly the argument I'm trying to make, I'll give you an example from the schol rule book for my school.

"Students may not dye their hair in any color that could potentially distract students and/or staff. Failure to comply will require that the child be sent home and made to change the color to something less distracting."

If your school handbook is anything similar to mine, it stands to reason that your school is denying you the ability to color your hair because you want to color it a distracting color. That is not the school's fault, that is your own fault. You have also alluded multiple times over the course of this debate that you have dyed your hair differerent colors before. Again, the school must have allowed this, or else you would have made this debate much sooner, which leads me to believe, ONCE AGAIN, that you are attempting to dye your hair in an extremely distacting color.

But, if what you're hinting at is true, and you HAVE dyed your hair a different color, than just dye it again to dirty blonde, brown, or black. I simply don't know what else to tell you, since you seem to not even acknoledge most of the arguments I made in Round 3, except for the argument I made about back packs.

And speaking of backpacks, you claim there is a massive window in your room out into the hallway. Not only is this unlikely, because that's an incredibily huge design flaw, student concentration wise, as in all of the four schools that I've been to have a tall, narrow window into the hall way right beside the door, and it works perfectly fine for what you're describing. However, even if your school has these giant mega windows, it's still impossible for students to be distracted for any amount of time after a distracting backpack has passed by. The ONLY ways a student will be continuously distracted is if the student with the offending backpack stopped and pressed his backpack to the window for students to see, or if the distracted student physically got up and walked OUT of the classroom to look at the backpack. Therefore, your entire argument about a backpack being distracting is disproved.
Debate Round No. 4


FallingInTooDeep forfeited this round.


It would seem that my opponent has forfeited the round, dispite having debated the entirety of their other rounds.

This is usually the part where I would look at my opponent's last time of activity to determine whether or not they intentionally forfeited, however, looking at my opponent's last time online, which was two days ago, I will go ahead and say that it was, indeed, accidental.

Since this is the end of the debate, I will not insert anymore arguements. And seeing as how I was the last person to go in Round 4, there are also no arguments for me to rebutt.

Instead, I will extend my gratitude to my opponent, and thank them for the challenge they issued me. I ask that the judges would vote accordingly as to who they believe won. Thank you for your time in reading the debate, and have a good one.

Oh, and for all of the reasons that I have given in all the rounds previous to this one, I would ask that the judges please, Vote Con.

Thank you.
Debate Round No. 5
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Posted by Lulzy 2 years ago
I will accept this tomorrow. I'm about to go to bed for now.
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