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Should school uniform be abolished in the UK?

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Started: 12/29/2016 Category: Fashion
Updated: 1 year ago Status: Debating Period
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I think school uniform should not be abolished because it represents every schools identity and shows the difference between each student from different schools in terms of high-rated schools to low-rated schools. There are many points in which students are judged by the clothes they wear if school uniform was abolished. There are many schools were they have great education systems and is the best choice and these schools are separated from each other with school uniform and people will respect the students who walk across streets. All students are recognised by their school uniform which may or may not be a good thing but at least they will be proud to say that they are from this school. School uniform gives recognition,identity and uniqueness. If we abolish this from our country then risks of bullying in schools will increase and may even lead to suicide. This is a big threat to our society in terms of the country's reputation and population. Should we be facing these threats and would you like your child to face bullying every day, every hour and every minute? We should upgrade our society not downgrade it. We need to step up and not let school uniform to be abolished. Thank you for taking your time to read this.


In the first place, I shall attack my opponents' arguments:
To begin, Students can not be "rated" by what school they are in, and they should be allowed to make their own choices in clothing.
The fact that they wear a uniform and go to a certain school does not make them better or worse students.
Despite the fact that not wearing uniforms MAY lead to bullying, the fact that their clothing is equal actually decreases self esteem. Since they all have the same clothes, they should compare their physical shape to others, hence it is even worst.

For my first argument, I'd like to say that, among students, school uniforms are very infamous, there have been polls who show that about 10% of students actually like their uniform, if the remaining 90% are against it, why should they be allowed in the first place?

For my second argument, these uniforms aren"t free, and normally these can be very costly, not to mentioned they can easily be outgrown, which will require yet a new investment, for both school and parents/guardians.

For my third argument, Students should be allowed to pick their own clothing, I mean yes regulations are required, but uniforms are just denying a student"s freedom, which will not prepare him for adulthood.
Debate Round No. 1


Well first of all I would like to say that if school uniform won't prepare them for adulthood then let that be but children do just react to consequences of adulthood with advice from parents.
Making your own choices is good but every single day on weekdays we have to get up, get dressed and much more thing to do. The problem is that children spend absolutely ages on picking an item of clothing to wear.
Did you know that suicidal rates have decreased because of school uniform. Guess why? I'll tell you, it is because some students especially girls wear inappropriate clothing and sexual harassment stopped and decreased. Girls thank this (well most). In Spain girls who suffered this have gave reports out to public because of non-uniform and only a few schools in Spain remain non-clothed.
Also what about teachers? Teachers may even dress inappropriately and you know what. But this isn't the case, even if school uniform is expensive it is still useful for others and one of the 'others' may not be yourself but it sure will be for people who care.
Most people say that non-uniform is good because it makes you look cool, makes you give out choices and that school uniform is lame but you need to understand that school uniform is good for you and many schools agree with this all over UK because they consider these points and understand the good in school uniform. I hope you understand what I'm trying to say. Thank you


Sorry for my delay, I may write a little less

In the first place, if children are taking too long to pick their clothing, that's their parents problem, so school shouldn't intervine, as well as inproper clothing, as I mentioned before, regulation is required.

Secondly - Teachers are adults, and members of society, therefore they can dress however they want, so why should they need uniforms?

In third place - there is no possible link between a uniform and any type of result in exams, which in a way is the main objective of schools, therefore it's better to have students being free

(I appologize for the short answer, I've been busy lately)
Debate Round No. 2


Its fine for your delay.
Well first of all I like to say that sexual abuse is still around today and school uniform prevents that from happening. Suicidal rates might not be important to you but school uniform decreases that. If you don't understand this concept then type on youtube:school is hard and so is your maths teacher. Then you'll find out why I'm so fighting for school uniform.
People who vote please watch that video too and not just make a judgement whether to keep school uniform or not instantly from reading these debates.
What good does non- uniform clothes have in them?
Well say if a child had an accident and had no phone. A person can find out who the child's parents and school are by identifying the school uniform and contacting the school immediately to send a message out to his/her parents.
School uniform helps a lot.
Punctuality is very important in schools and school uniform helps with that.
Say if a child behaves bad outside school. Then the surrounding people can report to the school and they can give a warning to change the child for the better.
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Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by aperson_2001 1 year ago
I am very sorry, I've been very busy and didn't post the argument on time.. anywho congrats on your victory
Posted by spacemelon379 1 year ago
@aperson_2001 pls hurry up because you are really delaying this argument.
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