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Should schools assign homework to be turned in online

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Started: 10/17/2013 Category: Education
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I'm currently a Freshman, and in most of my core classes (mandatory classes put in place by the school) we are required to turn in homework assignments online. There are several reasons why I feel this is a lot more challenging for the student. First, there is always the classic argument that not all students have WIFI. While I don't believe this is a credible excuse I still feel the argument should be brought up. Second, most freshman students are under a lot of stress. I learn best by physically writing things down with a pen and paper. Without the use of paper my grades of started to drop tremendously. Poor grades give me an even higher amount of stress. Lastly, my school's English Department has a no late work acceptance policy. I have a huge problem with my computer crashing and with a crashed computer I don't have the ability to turn assignments in. Most teachers are reasonable and understand this while others are less understanding and don't accept work
I would like to wish my challenger good luck and may the best debate win


I haven't argued in such a long time so now's my time. Even though I do NOT have a definite position on this topic I'm going to play devils advocate.

I'm a freshman in college and we can turn in our homework physically or electronically.

We should turn in our homework electronically because we're in the year 2013 & (I) Live in the USA, I do not know where you live but it's time for the world to revolutionize to technology globally. I'm a straight forward person & sorry to say but it must be said, I believe if you disagree with me well go have fun carving your rock on the sidewalk to send messages. and stay behind because we must all admit technology is becoming a great part of everyones lives. Why do SCHOOLS offer libraries? To chit chat? Us, the students, go to & use the library as a resource for homework. It sounds like you go to school physically not online so you do not have an excuse to not use the school Wi-Fi. Not just the school but there are coffee shops who have Wi-Fi, for Christ sakes even McDonald's has Wi-Fi, and both locations offer free Wi-Fi.

Con says: "my school's English Department has a no late work acceptance policy. I have a huge problem with my computer crashing and with a crashed computer I don't have the ability to turn assignments in." You need to stop making excuses and use your resources. Use the library, buy a new laptop, spend money to make money. It's not the schools fault they are preparing us for the future, we've been practicing preparing for certain things since middle school.

people might say "Oh KB240o what you said is kinda harsh" well it may be but I have stated FACTS that have been around since schools were made. For example: They always prepare us for the future, have always been strict. We must make sacrifices to make things better for ourselves.
Debate Round No. 1


I greatly recognize the fact that technology has become an increasing factor in our everyday lives, but I don't see the need in requiring homework to be turned in online. I think there should be an option to turn in physical copies. As for the remark about making excuses, not everyone can afford to buy a new laptop when one might be needed. My school supplies every student with an Acer Netbook. As for going to the library both libraries located in my town close very shortly after school ends. I'm not saying that schools should only have electronic homework, but that there should be the option of either physical or electronic copies of homework.


It's simple things like this that us young students need to change, its called growing pains but by next generation electronically homework will be revolutionized.

Con said " As for the remark about making excuses, not everyone can afford to buy a new laptop when one might be needed", I want to say I completely agree with you, I myself was not born with a silver spoon & I do not own a silver spoon. Are you a college student or high school student? if you're a college student I'm sorry to say but you still don't have an excuse to buy a laptop or a tablet because you can buy one in the first month of the school year with your financial aid & that goes for all college students.

We can't look at this problem as We can't turn in homework electronically or we just don' have the time to do it because we have no W-Fi, etc. We have to coexist to make things better & next year lets provide students with school laptops & Wi-Fi connectors to help push this.
Debate Round No. 2


PorkyPlow forfeited this round.


The whole world is becoming very reliant on technology so we should evolve to a technology world, technology is everywhere you look. Lets enforce electronic homework and come up with solutions to help out students like providing laptops, Wi-Fi connecters, tablets, etc.
Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by NorthDebater 4 years ago
Im a freshman too! Interesting debate, goodluck!(:
Posted by Cowboy0108 4 years ago
Also say how much longer it takes. Have you ever done chemisty online. It is awful and it takes forever. Also, if you do not type the answer in exactly correct, even though it is right, it will mark it wrong. Computers do not grade with common sense.
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