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Should schools get rid of non-core classes? (Such as a foreign language, music etc.)

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Started: 4/21/2017 Category: Education
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Schools should not get cut non-core classes because it is very important to have a chance for students to experiment with their creativity. Also, studies show that if you learn to read sheet music (like in band, orchestra or choir) it help the brain to process your surroundings.


I think schools should get rid of non-core subjects. What study shows that reading sheets of music helps the brain process your surroundings. Non-core subjects isn't the classes you can be creative with, you can be creative with all classes.
I took a survey in my class and the results were that everybody hated foreign languages, only 1 liked art and 2 for music. So the super majority didn't like non-core subjects. My uncle is a doctor and his school didn't have non-core subjects so that proves you can have a good job without non-core classes.
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BRUUUUUUHHHHHHH!!!!!!! BOOOOIIII!!!! Plzzzzz spell and use grammar correctly. And you are reeehheeeheeee eeellly wrong about you taking a survey. Your class is only a sample over a population. Some schools have millions of kids. And my kids really love their extra quarter classes.
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