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Should schools give students laptops?

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Started: 2/9/2016 Category: Education
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Should schools give students laptops? I am against this ordeal. Why give students laptops if you block or monitor what they do? If you're a computer geek, you can get past the firewall pretty easily. So why give us laptops if we can get past the firewall used to "block" sites that are not "educational"? Well, there's a problem in this ordeal with educational. You are playing a game like tetris to strengethen memory and strategy skils on how to clear a row. You close out of it and go back on it later and you see a screen that pops up and says "this site is currently not available because it is blocked under games" or something to that extent. Tetris is a game created by the Russians and it was a game to test your stragegy levels to see if you can clear the rows. But it's blocked on a school computer? Why on earth would you BLOCK a game that can help strengthen the willpower and stragegy of kids?


I accept this argument, and thank my opponent. I hope for an interesting debate.

I believe schools should give students laptops. With technology advancing as it is, learning how to use a computer is becoming more and more valuable. Skills such as programming, video/picture editing, PowerPoint, Excel, etc. have become important things to learn. Allowing students to have a computer, with these programs uploaded, will let students experiment with them at home, and let these skills become taught in the school curriculum. School-given laptops let students learn and explore skills that are invaluable in the current job market.

Furthermore, school computers help streamline education, and make basic assignments much less of a hassle; it also gives poorer students an ability to "compete" with wealthier students. Websites like allow teachers to use technology to better grade and evaluate student work. Having a school laptop, where you can store all your files, and access them at both school and at home can prove extremely convenient for students. Poorer students who would have otherwise had to go to the library to use MS Word or some other program, can now do so from the comforts of their home, at any time (as opposed to the relatively early closing time of many public libraries).

School computers do indeed block many websites. However, this is no reason to get rid of school computers altogether. If a change is needed in which websites to block, make the change. Do not get rid of computers entirely. It is also true that certain students will be able to bypass firewalls. But it is not as if students will not go on "undeducational" sites without school computers.

In conclusion, school computers let students develop important skills, complete assignments easier, and succeed regardless of their income level. This is why students should be given laptops by the school.
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Posted by Luma 2 years ago
Is this about the censorship of sites on school computers, or about getting these computers in general? If it's about the latter, I'd love to debate on the pro side.
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