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Should schools look at students social media history?

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Started: 10/16/2014 Category: Education
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I believe that students have the right to their own privacy. Schools already have enough to say about students personal lives, what they do in their free time should not be on that list. Why is that their business? Why should they be snooping around like that? Even if they do, you shouldn't be able to get in trouble for it. Students should not be interrogated by schools and held accountable for what they do outside of school. I'm hoping for a lively debate from my opponent! Thank you.


Observation 1: normally violation of privacy or social media use is more of a problem with colleges not really high schools or middle schools. They don't look at that in those schools s not included.

Definition of Interrogation: ask questions of (someone, especially a suspect or a prisoner) closely, aggressively, or formally.

Cont 1: interrogations: There is no threat in an interrogation in fact these help improve the environment for other students. Lets say one kid was suspected of carrying a knife but only outsde the school. Since their is a possibility of him having one in the school he needs to be questioned. Also if a kid kills someone outside of school and they hear about it in school they should get the kid before he try's to hurt the students. By interrogating suspects they are going off the benefit of the doubt by making sure the kids are safe. Yes maybe the kid may not try to kill someone in the school but since their is a chance it it justifiable to make sure nothing will happen to ensure the safety of the students.
Cont 2: colleges
Now not all colleges look at your personal info. but some elite or higher ranking ones might. Now I admit their should be some limits to what the look at but lets say you have a criminal record or you got in trouble a lot in school. Maybe they want to investigate your activity to ensure your a productive student and again some high ranking schools should do that to ensure they have responsible students especially if its a private college.

Response to what you introduced: Your whole statement you started with doesn't back up your already broad resolution so I'm not sure how you really want this debate and the resolution isn't specified. Also you say free time but that's not realistic they can't monitor your house not even the NSA an monitor your house so your free time is yours.
Debate Round No. 1


According to CNN, last summer the Glendale school district in suburban Los Angeles captured headlines with its decision to pay a tech firm $40,500 to monitor what middle and high school students post publicly on Facebook, Twitter and other social media. His product gives schools access to, among other things, reporting tools that allow users to search key words connected to cyberbullying and drug use, and to see what students are researching.

"You can identify a student, and you can jump into their activity logs and see exactly what they've typed, exactly where they've gone, exactly what they've done, and it gives you some history that you can go back to that child and use some disciplinary action, You can bring in the parent and say, 'Hey, look, this is what your child's doing. " says the creator of the software. This just sounds scary to me. Why on earth would they need to have all this information?

In an interview with the director of student publications "Kids needs to be free to say something without feeling like the school is watching them 24/7," Gayda later said in an interview. "My concern is if a kid goes home and writes 'the school lunch sucks,' and the next day they're brought in and in trouble for complaining about school food. Schools need to respect boundaries and the First Amendment."

I would agree with Gayda because schools have no right to be looking around in students private lives. I think that the police will half to step up and other kids that are on social media, on reporting suspicious activities on those sites. Then the school will find out about those activities from the proper source (the police), and it won't be left up to the schools opinion weather or not to take action on it. That way we take out another party that is spying on us. Schools aren't investigators, their teachers. That's why we need to leave all that upon to the proper authorities.

Now I agree with you for colleges to some extent. I think it should be fine if they want to take a quick skim of someone's profile and what not. But what I'm talking about is a full on investigation. A college would be doing that to quick see if your a good candidate, and then their done. A school is looking at your profile all the time. Seeing what your doing and where your going 24/7. I don't think that is very kind to our 1st amendment rights.

Also, just to rebuttal your final paragraph. Yes I said free time. Would you not consider going on Facebook free time? Did I say they were monitoring our houses? No I did not. You also for some reason jumped to the NSA which is another completely different topic. Which to that I would also disagree because they can monitor your house. Ever heard of an Xbox? Several cases have been submitted that the NSA has hacked them and used their cameras to look at people. That is not the debate here, but I wanted to acknowledge your claim.


moneystacker forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 2


As you can see, my opponent has fore-fitted this round.


i didin't fortify just waas busy at tournament no time to reply. But all i have to say right now is you haven't proved colleges use this system and so far you only showed one district in which its in place. If there is no net impact then this isn't a problem there could be legit reasons this school viewing system is in place their also i am sure the citizens must have voted for it.
Debate Round No. 3


My opponent seems to have forgotten what we are debating. "But all i have to say right now is you haven't proved colleges use this system" Why does that even matter? That's not what this about. Its not "do colleges use this system?"

You also said "and so far you only showed one district in which its in place" okay, and why does that matter? This isn't an argument about how many schools do this. Its about SHOULD they do it. Look at the headline for the debate above.

Also to rebuttal your argument that "you haven't proved colleges use this system" (which you even said yourself "some elite or higher ranking ones might")

Actually according to a report by The New York Times, 31 percent of 381 college admissions officers who participated in a Kaplan telephone questionnaire admitted to looking at an applicant"s Facebook or other personal social media page in an effort to learn more about them, up from just 10 percent in 2008.

Another site says In a 2012 survey of admissions officers from top schools, more than a quarter of them said they Google applicants and visit their social-networking profiles. Thirty-five percent of the admissions officers surveyed said they discovered something online about a candidate that adversely impacted his or her application.

"If there is no net impact then this isn't a problem" the truth is, there is a net impact. Read the paragraph above this one. Many peoples application results were changed drastically because of social media. I would say that is a net impact. People work their whole lives to get into a good college, and then it all comes crumbling down because of a stupid post when they were young? That seems unfair to me. My opponent has a very short and un factual argument. He has no facts, just his opinion. Thank you.


F**** your resolution
( no research needed)
Response: What my opponent clearly states is hey colleges/schools can look at your facebook, instagram, twitter. OMG HE DIDINT KNOW THAT?? HE DIDINT KNOW FACEBOOK, INSTAGRAM, TWITTER, ETC. CAN BE LOOKED AT BY OTHER PEOPLE??? Basically what I am trying to say is that anyone can look at your instagram, anyone can look at your twitter, anyone can look at your facebook. As long as they know your name any citizen or any person can search it up and find it. This isn't a violation of anything since the schools would have just as much access as an average person would. Also if you put your facebook/instagram on private you wouldn't have to worry about this stuff. So yeah I took out his main argument without any research.

Response 2: He brings up this Another site says In a 2012 survey of admissions officers from top schools, more than a quarter of them said they Google applicants and visit their social-networking profiles. IT's a top freaking school. IT is hard to stay in the top and they want to ensure they get productive responsible students that can help preserve that top ranking position and not students who will waste time, get lazy, or party to much. Also its a TOP school so obviously will be TOP requirements.

Observation: Since resolution says should schools look at students social media I can agree with it and put what reason I think it should be used for and how often.

Intro: I believe schools can look at social media but only if the student lets say is a threat or has been in some realy troublesome activities or violent things, or if its a good/top/ religious school that is just making sure the students will actually be productive and maybe not party or waste time at their colleges they just want to ensure their ratings stay high or increase. OR in religious cases to ensure they really believe and go by their religion, and don't just get drunk and then go to church.

1. if you are a good person your social media should be good so nothing to worry about right?

2. If you post anything bad that's a personal problem and you should be accountable for your own actions

3. Collages= schools so included and I said might ye a few might just like the one district you provided

4. It's kind of like if you lets say choose to smoke outside of school if you get caught its your problem and your fault for choosing to smoke. Same thing for posting bad stuff on instagram ,twitter or whatever that can make you look bad.

5. due to the overwhelming college apps schools have they will not look for long at a profile so they will not be able to see much anyway and again if you posted it you should know that anyone has access to those photos or comments or hashtags or whatever.

6. what you have to understand is that if a college is a top college they want to remain their it is a competition to be a top college so they want to ensure it stays there and this comes with a lot of pressure so of course they will want to ensure the students coming to their top school are top students who are ready to perform at the highest level possible and will not cause a lot of problems.

Conclusion: There is nothing wrong with a few schools like the district he posted looking at social media. I am not suggesting all schools look at social media but I believe the schools can look at social media and I believe since any citizen can see your media then ovboiusly the school has access to it regardless. Any teacher or any person or any people who check students college apps could search up their names and find a facebook/instagram if they chose lol which is why I won. Also if a kid is looking at something bad enough in school to get in trouble for it its something he shouldn't be looking at (porn). Also like I said I am going by the resolution by suggesting this method should be used but only for emergencies, if a student suspected of violent action or a threat to safety and want to ensure they don't do anything, and last for top colleges or schools just to ensure they are productive students
Debate Round No. 4
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Posted by august55433 3 years ago
Well I did not know my opponent would resolve to slanderous language, so I apologize for not making my argument more abrupt.
Posted by cheyennebodie 3 years ago
That is the responsibility of parents. My kids are grown. But if they had this social media when they were young. They would not have any privacy on it at all. If they did not like it, then they could just do without.As soon as they turned 18, and moved out, then they could do whatever they want. By then they may be mature enough to miss out on all the pitfalls of that stuff.
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Vote Placed by cool.dude 3 years ago
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Reasons for voting decision: I am a college student at Colombia university and I would not put my college scholarship on the line just because of something oink face book. I do not think that this is fair, but pro had some good arguments. I agree with mister man that con gets better conduct because of the forfeit.
Vote Placed by Mister_Man 3 years ago
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Reasons for voting decision: Overall Pro's arguments were better and made me believe it wouldn't be a bad thing if school did look at students social media history. His main point that got me was that if you don't want people looking at your stuff, set your account to private, and also that anyone can look at your stuff, so why be concerned if your school does? Conduct to Con because Pro failed to attend round 2.