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Should schools make homework optional?

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Started: 2/9/2016 Category: Education
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I think schools should because some students don't need homework. When I was in school I never did homework, but still passed all my tests. The only bad grades I got were on homework. That is my argument for why schools should make homework optional.


Hello there,
I feel you are being too generic by just saying all homework should be banned. There are many levels to 'homework'; projects, papers, or a presentation. So, yes, homework is very necessary.

First of all it depends on what type of student you are, if you are not a good learner then you might need the homework as a little extra help getting there. And while you might say they can do that on their own time, a kid that doesn't learn well, will not want to put more work in, they would need that extra push. And even if you are an advanced student, sometimes homework is a good refresher, and it is also a great study tool.

Second, we all might get bad grades on homework sometimes, that's why it only counts for a fraction of our final grade. And doing homework is a good learning experience, it teaches you to write down what you need to do (Set goals), it also teaches you to be sure to remember what you need (Being Prepared), and finally it teaches you about the subject that the homework is on. If you are getting bad grades on homework, that is your own fault, and by not bringing your homework home, you are actually just hurting yourself. It hurts your grade, and it hurts your memory. You should always be sure to bring home your homework.

Third, if you were including projects in with the homework category, projects teach us a lot of things. If it is a presentation then it is getting ready for public speaking in the future. If it is a paper then it is helping you to get better writing, so you can write a good college essay, or a debate on homework. If it is a long project, then it teaches you to manage your time, and plan ahead for what you are going to do next.

So, if homework was optional then all the kids that picked not to do it would be missing out on a lot of good life lessons. And the ability to review for an upcoming test.

An honest 8th grader
Debate Round No. 1


First of all I'm not saying home work should be banned. I'm saying that students should not be forced to do it. I agree with you that some students need it, but not all students do. If you under stand the lesson with school wprk, they should not make go home and do more work on a topic you have already understood.

Yes, some homework, like essays, are extra things that students need to complete away from school because they develop from the mail lesson, but,lest use math as an example, you don't get home work for things you don't learn in class (I hope). You only get homework as practice, or a tedious task.


I see your point, but the students who do need will most likely not go up and ask to have homework. The ones who need it are the ones that typically blow off school, and with no push, they would never get the help they need. Also homework is meant to be a practice, to see how well you know the information you learn in class. It's pretty much like a little quiz every night to see how well you are understanding the subject. Now tell me, which would you rather have, a quiz everyday in class to check if your understanding it, or homework. And plus with homework you can look something up if you don't know it, or ask an adult. And sometimes teachers don't get to everything in class because of limited time, so they might need to assign you that to help you catch up with other classes. If we chose weather to do homework or not, then your class would keep getting farther and farther behind.

The two main reasons for homework are; to see if you are understanding the information, and to prepare you for life when you need to be prepared and remember things. So yes, I do think homework is important, sure none of us really like it, but it is helping prepare us. For both life, and the test.
Debate Round No. 2


Just because the make homework optional does not mean teachers don't pass it out. Teachers could continue passing out homework, but just not give them a zero on it if they don't turn it in. This way students would not need to ask for the homework.

I know that classes don't always get everything done because of fire drills, distractions, questions, ext. but teachers could deal with this by not always stopping for disruptive students. Sure teachers could assign homework after a fire drill, but that would not be as much of a burden on students, as getting homework every day.

Another point when it comes to things getting piled up, if a student does not get their homework done, then they have a missing assign, and they need to work on the homework the next night. If this happens long enough, they get more and more missing assignments, and might end up going to summer school.

Along with homework at home, students have chores to do, and those chores can be more then just doing the dishes. Sometimes a student might need to mow the lawn, which can use up a lot of their homework time, depending on the size of the lawn.


But the point I'm trying to make is that if the homework doesn't count as an assignment, then they wont do it. The ones who truly need it are the lazy ones. Also, if the teacher does not stop for disruptive students, they will find it ok, making it more disruptive, and putting the class farther behind. Homework alone cannot send you to summer school, where I go to school homework only counts as 10% of your grade, so if you miss a few assignments its not that big a deal. Another life lesson that homework is supposed to teach you is time management. So you have to evenly set up a homework schedule so that the homework gets done before its due. If you set up a chart that helps you organize when you will do what, that even further prepares you for life after school. And some teachers don't even give out homework everyday, making it even less of a worry on your schedule. I don't know if they have this in your school, but in mine we have a 30 minute period at the end of the day just to do homework or get help from a teacher. So most of my homework gets done in this time frame. It doesn't take that long to work on homework if you manage your time correctly. This is why I believe that homework should not be optional, because it teaches you good life lessons, and helps you prepare for any tests coming ahead.
Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by RottingCreepers 2 years ago
I hope that people vote on this, I would like to see which side people would take. And if it would be biased or not if their a kid. I would also like to see how people think of my debating style, since this is my first debate on here.
Posted by TheDeafCreeper 2 years ago
I really need to remember to use spell check. Like really, wprk? Fail on my part.
Posted by Linkstart 2 years ago
I'm curious to see where this goes.
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