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Should sharks be finned and culled?

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Started: 6/30/2016 Category: Miscellaneous
Updated: 2 years ago Status: Debating Period
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Imagine if it was the other way round. You are a shark and you're being slaughtered and finned for food! Sharks are innocent killers! They only SOMETIMES attack humans because they mistake us for their natural prey and most sharks will often release the person after they first bite them. Almost 300 million sharks are purposely killed annually each year by humans, whereas approximately 20-30 people are killed by sharks each year AND NOT ON PURPOSE!


My opponent can not make the argument, what if it was the other way around because that could be used for anything and it would be unsound. There are obviously factors that need to be considered before someone can make that point. Otherwise we wouldn"t be able to eat meat, and stomp on ants. Therefore the first two sentences are refuted.

Then my opponent claims that sharks are innocent killers because they mistake us for something else, but that of course doesn"t make them innocent. By definition for someone to be innocent they would have to be not guilty of an offense, and an offense is committed even if it was a mistake. Someone can"t plead mistake in court for killing someone and be void of all crime. And people being released after being bitten is still considered an offense. That"s like only shooting someone in the kneecap, but not killing them.

Yes, we kill them more than they kill us, but that is not a reason why we shouldn"t kill them if they are of use, or bad.

Now my opponent says we shouldn"t be able to kill sharks and eat them, but yet I would ask my opponent whether farm animals can be killed. And if so what"s the difference between them that warrants only sharks be spared of killing. Plus It is valid for me to argue that any one person in any situation should be able to kill a shark because it wasn"t clarified in the first round, nor the resolution.
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Posted by Megatronimus_prime 2 years ago
Sharks kill for food, humans kill for food. There is nothing unnatural or inhuman about this. If we did not eat the shark it is possible that something else might kill and or eat it.
Posted by lord_megatron 2 years ago
Anything for food and energon
Posted by Jam_Man 2 years ago
I will debate you, but only if you reduce the voting time (6 months is a little bit of a stretch) and if you can clarify your position, provide rules and a round format. Looking forward to debating you.
Posted by ForGrowthOfMind 2 years ago
Just out of curiosity are you just against the inhumane process of finning the sharks and wasting the rest of the meat, or are you against killing sharks all together.
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