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Should smoking be banned in public?

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Started: 10/26/2014 Category: Health
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Zeno here again,

Smoking and the purchase of cigarettes have been in the decline over the years, but many still smoke knowing the hazards of cigarettes.

I believe that smoking should be banned in public places in Canada. This means parks, beaches, bus stops, and other heavily populated places.

Smoking should be banned in public places, because it displays a negative picture to people around them, especially children. The younger generation, if surrounded by smokers in the public, neighborhood, or community, will also grow up to be smokers.

Smoking should be banned in public places, because of second-hand smoking. Sure everyone has the right to smoke themselves to cancer, but they do not have the right to cause health issues to others because of their negligence. Studies have shown that more people die through second-hand smoking in most smoke-related cases, and studies have also shown that second-hand smokers (people who inhale the smoke left by smokers) are more likely to suffer lung cancer then the usual heavy smokers.

Smoking should be banned in public places, because many cigarette buds are being left on the ground. This is an environmental and a health hazard. Environmentally, this is another type of litter that doesn't decompose fast enough. This is a health hazard to little children who are suspects to picking up litter or food from the ground and chewing or digesting it. Though this problem can be fixed with the installations of more ash trays, why take risk?

Many countries have already banned smoking in public places, why shouldn't Canada? Children should not suffer the hazards of smoking because of the negligence of the current generation, the government, and smokers.


Smoking is good. I like smoking because it is cool and girls think i am attractive when i smoke. you are scared of people who smoke because they are cooler than you. You are jealous! do not try and stop people from being cool because you are not cool!!!!!!!!
Debate Round No. 1


Yeah guys, Zeno is so jealous of getting lung cancer. And ruining the health of innocent little children. And I'm pretty sure nasty, tobacco filled teeth are not attractive. And how is smoking good for you?


Zeno, you have avoided the point that you are SCARED. This is an obvious sign of fear.

Many famous people with millions of fans and followers are heavy endorsers of smoking. sources.
Debate Round No. 2


So, if a celebrity jumps of a cliff would you? If they smoke weed, would you? If they drink and drive would you? And yeah I'm scared. I'm scared of recklessly risking my life to cancer, infections, diseases and death. If you had a kid, would you smoke knowing that they'll get affected by cancer too?


you have drawn a connection between committing suicide and smoking. This point is unjust.

Smoking weed and smoking cigarettes are extremely similar and I would make an assumption that of today's youth, more smoke weed than smoke cigarettes .

If a celebrity drinks and drive, they're obviously under the influence of alcohol and not thinking straight, this is a very different choice than the decision made to smoke and you cannot draw a connection between the two.

Your point of being afraid shows your bias on the topic. The risks are there, however, it is safe to say your over exaggeration of these risks is coming from your personal fear of the act.

If I had a child, I would inform them of all the knowledge I possibly could and allow them to make their own decisions.
Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by Zeno2014 2 years ago
Yeah guys Zeno isn't cool because he's trying to save people from lung cancer. Nice comment.
Posted by anthonysluggett 2 years ago
zeno is obviously not cool
Posted by Dennybug 2 years ago
hi ajab
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