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Should smoking in public be illegal?

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Started: 7/16/2012 Category: Health
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Smoking in public should be illegal because smoking leads to numerous health problems. [c] It has been linked to respiratory problems in people who do not smoke who spend a lot of time with smokers or who live with smokers. [s]

People in public places should not be subjected to people who want/need to smoke. The health and well being for non-smokers could be considered a national health problem. Health care due to respiratory issues due to smoking has increased the cost of health care tremendously. [e]


i disagree because people choose to hang around people who smoke(c), if you dont like smoke then you can move away from it.(s) when moving away from the smoke it will prevent you from getting respiratory problems that way one will not have to worry about health issues.(s)
Once again none smokers have the choice to be near smoke.(s) smoking indoors is already illegal and how can you ban smoking in public outdoor places.(q) where would people smoke?(s) many things cause respiratory issues not just smoke.(e)
Debate Round No. 1


Even though smoking indoors is already illegal, why should outdoor smoking not be illegal as well? Plenty of people go to outdoor bars and places of gathering. Why should they be subjected to smokers if they do not smoke? [s] If smokers really feel the need to smoke, they should smoke in their private home, in their car, or outside of their own home. That way they are not endangering the lives of a non smoker.

Smoking should be illegal because it is highly addictive, just like any kind of drug. [c] You become hooked to it, and it's extremely hard to quit. [e] If drugs are illegal in this country, then cigarettes should be illegal as well. [m]


Many pubs, cafes and restaurants would lose patrons because of the smoking ban.(c) In fact, many employees in these establishments would even lost their jobs.(s) Smoking bans could cause many smokers to experience withdrawal symptoms such as irritation and loss of concentration. This can become a cause of workplace and domestic hassles.(s) More people would be endangered because there would be many irrational people.(e)
As for making ciggs illegal, the government would never do that because they make plenty of profits from cigarette sales. This amount could reduce because of the ban.(e)
Debate Round No. 2


The indoor smoking ban has been in effect for several years already and businesses have not suffered terribly due to that. [c] If businesses are interested in keeping their patrons it would be wise for them to install a ban on smoking outside as well. [s] This will keep the non smokers more interested in staying in the facility for longer periods of time. [i] People who do not smoke might be inclined to spend more money when going out because they do not have the high cost of cigarettes to contend with. [i]

While the government may never ban the sale of cigarettes, they should slap hefty fees on the sale of cigarettes. This might make people stop and think twice before buying a pack for $10+. [e]

Smoking depletes peoples wallets, and it is slowly killing them. [q]


Businesses have not suffered from indoor smoking but they will suffer if smoking outside is banned.(ri) many people smoke ciggs after they eat or while there drinking(s). Therefore businesses would lose customers because people would not want to go out anymore.(s)
Government has slapped hefty fees on ciggs and people are still buying them.(e) they use to be $5 dollars now there up to $10.(s) people do not care about how much ciggs are because if there addicted there going to buy them regardless of the price(e)If people want to spend all there money on ciggs then they will it is there choice.(s)
Banning ciggs takes peoples freedom away.(s)
Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by Ramsterlord 5 years ago
this bi tch is stupid, its my right to smoke if i want, just because its addictive dont mean sh it. Go kill urself
Posted by angrymen 6 years ago
Are these all multiple accounts you have been debating?
Posted by 1dustpelt 6 years ago
What are the (s) and the [em]s ?
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