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Should sound waves and their physical repeating periodic forms be studied by scientists?

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Started: 2/10/2014 Category: Science
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I feel for some reason the physical form of sound waves could help us understand human origins and our existence as a whole due to the different patterns and variations. There are videos on YouTube of sand/salt being placed on amplifiers while resonating a pitch in certain frequencies that formulate visible sound. In other words, you can see sound. It's very interesting and I'm sure has been studied for years.


I would begin by arguing that the instigator has not provided any measure of relevant evidence for his claim.
First, let's define sound waves: Sound is a vibration that propagates as a mechanical wave of pressure and displacement, through some medium (such as air or water). Sometimes sound refers to only those vibrations with frequencies that are within the range of hearing for humans. (
This being said, I would argue that sound waves CAN NOT be studied in their 'physical form' because they have no such form.

Now that we have determined that sound waves are not physical, we can rule out that they have anything to do with the origin of humanity, or the physical evolution of our form. I would urge the instigator to remember that evidence is key, nothing is gained by pseudo scientific arguments.
Debate Round No. 1


I went and said if you go to youtube and look at what I stated you can SEE sound. It is periodic like the scientific elements meaning it goes through numbers and repeats, you are 17 so I doubt you have even studied sound. This is a hobby of mine and yes you can visually study it and I'll post a video so you can see what different keys look like.

And don't deny that the pitch effects the experiments and that you yourself can physically see what sound would look like.


As a matter of fact, I am a student of physics, assuming that someone has no background in a field that you consider a 'hobby' is, in fact, ignorant.

Let's define waves.
In physics, a wave is a disturbance or oscillation that travels through space and matter, accompanied by a transfer of energy.
While I admit, I misinterpreted the word 'physical' when stating my first argument, you seem to have misinterpreted the definition of a wave.

Now that we know that a sound wave can be defined as a vehicle for sound to move through, we can come to the inclusion that a sound wave itself can not be seen or truly felt. You can however see it's interaction with particles and matter due to the vibrations it causes, however it still only applies to one's sense of hearing.

Also, you still have yet to make an argument or offer evidence that a sound wave has any indication on humanity's origin or even define what you mean by this.
Debate Round No. 2


My argument is sound has been passing through EVERYTHING since the dawn of time so it has to have had an effect on human-kind. No sound waves are not physical but they can physically change the objects they pass through making them visible. I find it very interesting. I may not be a physicist, but I have had enough hands on training with electric guitar to see the significance of sound on the human mind and on the entirety of this planet. If you disagree post it and you win. I'll retract my arguement and you my friend who is so intelligent will forever put sound waves on the back burner of knowledge. Fine by me I'll continue to write music.


Nicoszon_the_Great forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 3
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Reasons for voting decision: Con forfeited the last round, but he showed better conduct as Pro used ad hom attacks such as you are 17, you know nothing and things like that, when Con is a Physics student. Pro failed in providing any evidence for his claim that sound waves have anything to do with human origins, and seems to be confused between the effect of music itself in rhyme and melody on humans, and the actual effects of the sound waves themselves on our mind, which I guess is a fallacy of equivocation, if I understand Pro correctly. Nevertheless, because Pro did not provide any evidence for his initials claims, on of which is that sound waves have something to do with human origins, I'm inclined to give the arguments to Con although I agree with Pro that sound waves should be further investigated since scientists need to study everything as we're definitely going to learn new things, the more we study things.