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Should strict constructionists be forced to change the Constitution BEFORE the presidential election

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Started: 7/15/2016 Category: Politics
Updated: 2 years ago Status: Debating Period
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The Constitution of the United States has been interpreted strictly by countless Supreme Court Justices and Republican ideologues. If you stand for Citizens United and a hardcore interpretation of the 2nd Amendment that says that guns control should be off the table, shouldn't you then argue that Hillary Clinton or any women in the nation should NOT be allowed to run for President since the Constitution, in every area where it refers to the President, refers to his gender as male.

If you stand for Citizens United and a strict interpretation of the Constitution, don't you therefore, have to either NOT allow women to run for President OR demand a change to the text of our Constitution, adding "she" and possibly s/he to our founding document.

I do not believe Hillary Clinton should be allowed to run for president unless the Constitution is changed. What do you think? Can you have interpretation of the Constitution both ways?


Ill accept this debate, and I will also allow pro to go first, followed by my opening argument, and then pro can rebuttal and the same with me to close this debate.
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Posted by rezleader 2 years ago
@MissLuLu see the Ideal(s) Community on Google Plus at
Posted by MissLuLu 2 years ago
I am of the opinion that the Constitution needs to be scrapped and reworked completely to reflect today's society.
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