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Should students be able to choose the topics they want to learn?

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Started: 11/7/2016 Category: Education
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Hello, I'm from the Dominican Republic. I'm studying English in a program, we have a debate next Friday and I want to know the point of view about this topic. My argument is the next.

I believe that students should be able to choose the topics they want to learn because sometimes the student spends most of the time repeating topics throughout the basic education. It's the same all the time. For example, if I want to learn music why I have to study math more than I need for? I'm not a good student for math but my brother yes, why? because he is an Electromechanical engineer, of course, he needs Math. If the educational program is for my future why I'm not part of the selection of what I want to learn? We are talking about my future. Why I have to spend my time on topics that I don't need.

What do you think about it? Let me know your arguments about this topic. If you are a student please let me know your age, argument and your experience about it. Thanks.


Hello, I will be arguing that I think that they should not be allowed to choose which topics they want to learn. I to emphasise the importance of a well-rounded education withing K- 12th grade. However, is the education system in the Dominican republic different? Depending on the education system, especially in high school in the United States, there is a bit more freedom on what classes students can take but still within a set of parameters. Once students reach college it is not as important but is still needed. I look forward to arguing with you! Good luck!
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Posted by jo154676 1 year ago
Well then no students would take certain classes like maths because everyone wants to do something fun like sing or paint pictures, if you asked an elementary school student if they would rather study math or do something more creative and fun like painting. Plus if a student changes their mind in high school and they never took a math class in elementary they will not have the building blocks needed to be successful. And honestly students do get to choose what classes they take, I did not take a music class after 6th grade or an art class after 8th grade. But I had the fundamentals in those subjects so if I wanted to start studying them I could. Lastly, students need to be well rounded because people who only focus on one thing and ignore everything else didn't really get out of the education system what they were supposed to. The liberal arts approach is a very western idea so if you wanted to go to a place like India then feel free because they only do specialized training there like what you described but they have some of the lowest international test scores because they are not taught a diverse education and they are not taught how to think for themselves.
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