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Should student's be allowed to have cell phones in school?

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Started: 5/16/2015 Category: Education
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Students should not be allowed to have cell phones in school due to the lack of concentration the students will provide the teacher during the lessons. It will create another form of bulling. And I dong give no fucks cause I hate debating!!
Debate Round No. 1


C1. Mobile phones make sure that we are safe

Mobile phones mean we are never out of contact with our friends, parents, guardians, or if necessary our school. They provide a way we can quickly contact someone if we are in trouble or are lost. Mobile phones are most clearly helpful if caught in a large scale disaster such as a flood or earthquake as we can tell rescuers where we are. But they are also helpful for every day security. With a mobile phone parents know where we are and can be quickly contacted if we feel unsafe somewhere.

C2. Mobile phones help us to learn

Having a mobile phone helps us to learn in a lot of different ways. First we learn about technology; about how to use the mobile phone. Second most phones today have apps (programs) to enable learning using the phone, or else through the Internet. Phones can access online courses and lessons which can be provided in fun ways and can in some cases instantly tell you if you have the right answer. It may even sometimes be possible to do homework on a phone and send it to your teacher. Even without the Internet phones can be used to provide short assignments, or to provide reminders to study.

C3. Mobile phones lead to increased independence

Mobile phones bring us increased independence. Being able to use a mobile phone is clearly a basic skill to allow children to be independent. It means that they are not dependent on an adult being with them for parents to know where they are. The main reason for parents being unwilling to let children out on their own is fear for their safety. This is a fear that mobiles help prevent. This increased independence has other benefits, such as teaching us to be responsible for ourselves.


3004bella forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 2


brad1999 forfeited this round.


3004bella forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by tsume 2 years ago
Brad1999 is a plagiarist.
Posted by AOP 2 years ago
Kids should not be allowed to go to school in the first place until the education "administration" is destroyed.

If we look in the DICTIONARY, "Administration," literally means a business. A company. You think that's the government you're talkin' to? It aint the government. It's a BUSINESS.
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