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Should students be allowed to listen to music in school while doing work? (2)

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Started: 12/16/2012 Category: Education
Updated: 5 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
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Well the first time I did this debate my opponent forfeited all the rounds so I'll try it again. With a different opponent maybe? I'm just gonna copy and paste my first argument that was never challenged by my opponent the first time I did this onto this one.

Anyways, I think kids should be allowed to listen to music in class because it helps kids concentrate. It also could solve the problem of kids talking in class. While listening to music they wouldn't be able to hear their friends talking as well and it would block out background noise.

A few points I should mention: Kids should NOT be allowed phones because that would cause more problems with txting and cheating. However, music is different. Music can relax those with nerves during an exam or just provide entertainment while you sludge though all that math. Some wouldn't WANT to listen to music because it may be a distraction to some but I don't think we should not allow something because a few are against it.

>>Better grades
According to the American Music Conference (AMC), music won"t rot your mind -- in fact, it"s actually good for your thinking-cap. The AMC has cited research that has shown that studying and creating music may help improve your capacity to learn other subjects and get better grades overall.<< (This is copied and pasted from yahoo! sorry...)

Music can also help with your creativity in classes such as English or Art. (me and my friends are all writers and artists. Music is our muse so why can't it be to others?)

That's all for now! :)


I accept.
I disagree wholeheartedly with your opinion.

Students should NOT be allowed to listen to music whilst doing school work.

Your right, in some cases music can be calming and relaxing, it can relieve stress and sometimes even calm the nerves.
But in a class, full of working students, music is not acceptable. (Unless of course it is learning a song for school purposes- National Anthem etc).

For one it is a huge distraction. Imagine a child being in the middle of a test with a loud testy beat booming in their ears. The poor child would hardly be able to concentrate on the test, let alone keep focused on the given task.

Another reason is the bad influence on children most music these days can have.
If you think about it , roughly 60% of the music kids listen to nowadays is explicit or at least contains an inappropriate story line or meaning.
Do you think that the parents and teachers of the students would appreciate this new allowance? Chances are, no they would not appreciate their children/students listening to music in class.
The parents would be angry that their child's education is being interrupted under the infulence of music.
And what about the teachers, think about what a heard time they would have trying to teach their students and get them to focus on their work...

Here is what an angry parent quoted when they had, had enough of their child listening to inappropriate music:

It is disconcerting that the industry allows so much inappropriate language and disturbing contents and that the audience/market buys it. That being said, it is impossible to prevent a tween/teen from hearing it and singing it. We try to discuss that certain words are inappropriate and substitute for more kosher words, but I have no doubt that when they are alone, the kids use the original versions.

So you see my friend, if your beliefs were to be enforced you would have a lot of very angry teachers and parents to face up to...
Debate Round No. 1


Thank you fo accepting this debate. Now down to business...

I don't think music is distracting. And if it is, then it is the students choice to keep listening to the music instead of just taking their earbuds out. If the student knows that the music distracts him/her then they shouldn't listen to it while working but they still might. This is purely their choice. Students just as easily could be distracted by something else. And if a student doesn't want to pay attention in class or learn that is also their choice. Nobody can force them (they can try but I'm betting they would fail).

About you're point on bad influences new music causes.
1. Not all kids listen to new music these days and not all music has a bad storyline or meaning. Lots of music is poetic and beautiful, even some rap songs (which I consider to mostly be a guy screaming swear words in no tone over loud horrible music).

2. The kids listen to this music at home so really what's the deal if they listen to it at school? I really don't see much in your argument here.

3.>>"The parents would be angry that their child's education is being interrupted under the infulence of music."<<
Not all parents would object to listening to music in class. And if they really believed thier kids shouldn't listen to music in class it is up to them to ban them or not from doing it. They should have no influence, however, on everyone else's children.

4. >>"And what about the teachers, think about what a heard time they would have trying to teach their students and get them to focus on their work..."<<
Let me explain my experiances I have had. During the day my teachers let us listen to our music in class. As long as we follow a few simple rules (which most everyone respects) the teachers have no problem with it. In fact, a few encourage it!
The rules are; 1: When the teacher is talking the earbuds are out and you are paying attenton.
2: The music is turned down soft enough so that others around you cannot hear it pumping away.
3. The teacher does not see your eletronic device after you have turned on the music (in other words, don't play around with your device)
4. No phones allowed to play music and no internet connection.
And as I said before, most people respect these rules and everything flies smoothly.
Like I said before, it's the students choice whether or not to focus. Music has no influence on this.
Every Friday in math class our teacher lets us all choose songs to play off her laptop. And I always find that's the day the most people do their work and don't talk.

And about your quote? That parent was talking about all music in general, not listening to songs inside of school. Therefore it doesn't really effect this debate because I'm not talking about all music. And like I said before, it is the parents choice what their child listens to out of school hours (but they are going to hear it anyways).

You didn't say anything on the creativity music can inspire in class so I am going to assume that you agree with me and that point goes to me. If I'm wrong please clarify. Till then!

"Music speaks what cannot be expressed, soothes the mind and gives it rest, heals the heart and makes it whole, flows from heaven to the soul." :)


Thank you.

I noticed that throughout your argument you mentioned "I think" and "well some" "not all" "their choice" quite a few times which to me displayed your lack of knowledge on this topic and that you do not quite have your facts set in concrete.

Oh and generally in a debate you present facts for reliable sources and it is fine to have a little personal opinion but your whole debate can not be based on your thoughts and opinion, you do need at least some hard, true facts to support your statements.

Anyway back to "business"...

Studying with headphones on tends to decrease retention/memory, whereas music in the background can be an aid to study. The difference between the two deals with how close the input of sound is.

Headphones have direct access to the brain by covering the ears, and this direct access can interfere with learning, especially if the material is new and the new material is difficult! Being "lazy," the brain prefers the close input of the music over the more distant, more difficult input from the eyes that it must translate and "work on" to understand.

Unlike music through headphones, background music has all environmental noises included in it, and to hear this music to the exclusion of other input requires intense concentration. For example, if you have ever seen somebody trying to listen to an instructional recording in the middle of a busy work environment, you may have noticed that they closed their eyes to decrease visual input to help them focus on the sound. People do not use this type of concentration for environmental sounds, and can focus on the closer print material to a greater degree. Some people use familiar music to mask outside noises. With the music being very familiar, the student in some ways does not "hear" it, it is an expected noise with an expected sequence. So a student studying in a room with a stereo going can be masking (hiding) sounds from the hall or somebody's TV, while working on material for classes. Some studies even suggest that certain types of music -- such as Bach, Beethoven, or flowing instrumentals -- may even increase intelligence and retention of material. However, hard driving rock, rap music, and heavy metal cannot make the same claim!

So you cannot guarantee the benefit allowing students to listen to music is going to have.
And one thing we all know for sure is that not many students nowadays listen to gentle flowing melodies of Beethoven...
Debate Round No. 2


blackfirewolf forfeited this round.


So, after reviewing both sides of this argument, I have come to the conclusion that Students should not be allowed to listen to music in school while doing work.

Here are a few points to summarize my conclusion.

Music can be very distracting

There is the problem of students listening to inappropriate music

Lots of children will not be able to afford Ipod's and so on and therefore will be teased

Teachers will get fustrated

Students will find it hard to concentrate

Parents will be disappointed that their child's education is being affected by the input of music

So yes, students should definitely not be allowed to listen to music in schools whilst doing work.

To the voters.

I think you should vote for CON because I presented viable, relevant arguments.
I presented true reliable facts and opions.
PRO presented weak arguments.
PRO did not counter argue my points

Voters please vote CON! :)

Kindest regards to both PRO and voters. :)

Merry Christmas
Debate Round No. 3
4 comments have been posted on this debate. Showing 1 through 4 records.
Posted by BriarMarie 5 years ago
Blackfirewolf you clearly came off second best in this one. My vote goes to Con...
Posted by blackfirewolf 5 years ago
no offense or anything but that sounds super retarded. "Some day you will see how foolish you are." give me a break.
Posted by GeorgiaAshley 5 years ago
You are wrong. Very wrong indeed my friend. Some day you will see how foolish you are.
Posted by blackfirewolf 5 years ago
SO SORRY I FORFEITED MY ROUND. LIFE GOT IN THE WAY. ;) Anyways can I just say something? For one, I still think your arguments are weak and if you read though what I put down again you will see I countered all your arguments and provided proof for it.

Another thing: This is a debate. We are not moving mountains or changing the world. We are on a site, on the internet, debating on things. This debate was MY thoughts, MY feelings on the subject. That's what a debate is for. My opinions against your opinions. And sure, it helps to have proof to support what your saying but I don't think that's what really matters. It's about the common sense of this. And the common sense is that lots of kids ALREADY listen to music IN CLASS with teacher AND parent acceptance. And if they are ok with it that basically falls half your argument. And kids getting teased about not having an ipod? Seriously? Kids are bullied everyday concerning their sexial position, beliefs, looks, actions, and just because some kids are cruel. So really? What is your point in this? And it's not just Ipods that play music. You can go to Walmart and buy a freakin' MP3 player for ten bucks in the check out line!

And the thing on inappropiate music? Give me a break. THEY LISTEN TO IT AT HOME! WHY DOES IT MATTER THAT THEY LISTEN TO IT AT SCHOOL?
This is stupid (sorry but it's true) and has no point to it.
And last thing: why would the parents care if the childs education is influenced by music? It spreads creativity and they are still learning!
This concludes my rant.
3 votes have been placed for this debate. Showing 1 through 3 records.
Vote Placed by The_Chaos_Heart 5 years ago
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Total points awarded:51 
Reasons for voting decision: Conduct goes to Con, because Pro forfeited. Spelling and grammar between the two seemed fairly equal to me. Pro was the only individual to provide any sources for their argument, so sources go to them. I give arguments to Pro, because Con never provided any evidence for the things they were claiming. Pro at least attempted to in their opening argument provide evidence for their claims. further more, as someone who studies music, and writes music, I take special privilege in affirming and denying certain portions of both Pro and Con's argument. To both, I would advice giving more sources for your arguments next time. Organizing your points a little better would be nice too, as it would make things easier to read. And Pro, don't forfeit rounds if it can be avoided.
Vote Placed by emospongebob527 5 years ago
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Reasons for voting decision: Forfeit and dropped arguments.
Vote Placed by utahjoker 5 years ago
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Reasons for voting decision: forfeit