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Should students be allowed to use technology in class?

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Started: 12/8/2014 Category: Education
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Students should not be allowed to use technology in class because of the following obvious reasons: Students eye sight would be in danger, it would be hard to concentrate in class with the use of devices, will cause cyber bullying, will cause emotional and physical harm.


no they shouldn't they are in school to learn but if they are not focused they don't get an education and then they don't graduate and they don't get a carreer then boom their ya go
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Posted by AllisonC 2 years ago
I think students should be allowed to use technology in class because some schools are based on technology use instead of textbooks and some students learn better with technology. At my school every student has a laptop and we use them in almost every class. If the student doesn't pay attention and get their credits than that's on them not technology. Technology is in a way taking over so eventually technology will be used in class.
Posted by ofaraj97 2 years ago
I agree, major distraction
Posted by itsagodthing 2 years ago
nope I mean it's just a distraction that is unneeded
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