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Should students be required to wear uniforms at public schools?

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Started: 3/6/2012 Category: Education
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There are many reasons why uniforms should not be required for students attending public schools.
1. Public Schools are funded by the town. Parents choose to send their children to a public school so they do not have to pay a private tuition or uniforms. If schools are making it a regulation to purchase uniforms, the school should fund them. The parents should not have to buy uniforms for their children if they are attending public schools that are funded by the town.
2. Every student like to express themselves in different ways. Many people feel that uniforms are a method of suppressing the creativity and freedom of expression of kids, and passing on the message that conformity is important.
3. Many students nowadays struggle to fit in and have low self-esteem. Making students wear uniforms will make it harder for them to fit in and often give them a bad self-image because they cannot express themselves.
4. Schools believe that having uniforms will reduce the amount of bullying for students. In reality, certain children will still get picked on by others. Cliques will still be formed and students will find ways (such as weight, complexion, financial status) to pass judgment.


Analyzing the con’s argument:

1. Parents send their children to school so they receive an education. Depending on their finances, some parents can pay private school tuition, and some can’t, but what all parents have to pay for (unless they are welfare cases) is for the clothes and shoes their children will be wearing. Uniforms, because they are mass produced and sold in bulk, and do not have to pay royalties for brand labels, are considerably less expensive than regular clothes. This would actually result in savings for the parents, or the town, if the town people decide they should pay for them.

2. Most students get plenty of chances to express themselves in different ways. They have their own personalities and a uniform will not change that. Students that like sports will continue to play sports, students who are artistic will continue expressing themselves through art, students who like to party will continue partying. Freedom of expression goes beyond the outer appearance of a person, and that is a valuable lesson for children. Students treat clothes like brands. This person is a jock, this one is a geek, this one is a Goth, and this one belongs to a gang. Once they wear these clothes they are pigeonholed in that role, and they have to conform to the stereotype of that role. That reduces freedom of expression.

3. Students will have less of a struggle to fit in, because they will all be wearing the same clothes. As a matter of fact, because uniforms usually have embroidered the name of the school, it helps creating school cohesion. They will feel free to express their individuality, while feeling part of the group.

4. I grant this point to the instigator. Bullying will continue over the same issues as today (weight, complexion, financial status). The only bullying that will be reduced will be the bullying about clothes.

Other arguments in favor of uniforms:

1. Less distractions for the students. Students will not be distracted by extravagant or immodest clothes of fellow students.

2. Greater control on school age youths. It is easier to spot children who have escaped school and are wearing uniforms. Also, because their uniform will indicate their school district, uniforms will help establish if a school age child is far from home.

3. Reinforces school spirit, which is good to learn team work.

4. Teaches students to follow rules and standards. This will be useful later in professional life.

5. Children will not wear out their normal, more expensive clothes. This results in savings for parents.

6. Children who cannot afford the latest fashion or brand name will feel less frustrated, as this will improve their morale and reduce resentment against their parents.
Debate Round No. 1


My arguments:
1. Parents are actually spending more money because a child is still going to need regular clothes to wear. Along with new uniforms every year or so as the child starts to develop physically. After awhile it all adds up.
2. As you said, students have their own personalities. Students express themselves through their clothes whether they are a jock, goth, or geek. It makes them who they are. Once they where those clothes of their CHOICE, their not conforming or being pigeonholed in that stereotype. Their choosing it. Making everyone where the same exact uniform is forcing them to conform and suppress their individuality.
3. Once uniforms are enforced. Theres no way to fit in anymore. No one will notice you. Whats so great about being in a group if you have no one to share it with.
Con's arguments:
1. If anything there will be more distractions. As we all know kids will try to get around school rules as much as possible. Girls will pull up their skirts as high as possible to get a guy's attention. Guys will roll up their sleeves to show off their muscles.
2. I agree, it is easier to spot a child who has run away if their in a school uniform. However, god forbid there was evacuation of the school due to an emergency. With so many kids in the same uniform how would teachers be able to spot whether one child is missing.
3. Some students do not like school spirit. They will where the uniform because they have to. They still wont participate in school events.
4. It may teach students to follow rules and standards. However, students do not realize that this will teach them that. They think its a way to torture them. SO they break those rules and standards given to them.
5. Children may not wear out their regular clothes but they will grow out of it. And even with older students in high school. Trends are always changing. Those students would like to have the latest trends even if their old clothes are still good.
6. I grant CON this point. This may benefit children that are less fortunate and have low self esteem.


Arguments in favor of school uniforms:

1. Parents spend less money, because good clothes will only be needed on weekends. Children will wear their uniform most of the day, and when they get home, they will wear their house clothes, not street clothes. Uniforms can also be passed off to younger siblings without anyone noticing.

2. Students who wear uniforms find non-clothes ways to express their personality. Uniforms actually motivate students to find more unique ways to be creative.

3. Your argument “There’s no way to fit in anymore. No one will notice you. What’s so great about being in a group if you have no one to share it with” makes no sense. Fitting in is being part of a group, uniforms automatically make you part of a group. Students will form their cliques, uniforms or not, except the cliques will only be evident to those within the grade.

4. There will be fewer distractions because uniforms are not just clothes that you can wear however you want. There are rules for skirt length, socks, not rolling sleeves, wearing shirts tucked in, etc. Those who do not follow those rules do not get to attend class. This will be good practice for real life. In most jobs, from laborers to executives, there are certain attire rules and dress codes.

5. Teachers would be able to spot if a child is missing because they know their student faces, and hopefully, because teachers can count.

6. If a student does not want to participate in school events, the uniform will not make him do so. But it will certainly inspire school pride in most students.

7. For teens any rule is a challenge to their independence. There will be adolescent rebellion, uniforms or not.

8. Children will need less nice regular clothes because they will only wear them on weekends, or a few hours at the end of the day, after they are done with their extra-curricular activities and homework. In most cultures where children wear school uniforms, the problem parents face is to convince their children to take off their uniforms after school hours. School uniforms in those cultures are a source of pride, like the jersey of your sports team.

9. In young minds, uniforms are a visual reminder of what is expected of them at that moment. When the uniform is worn, the person is expected to behave like a student and be where a student should be, at school, under the instruction of teachers, as part of the student body. When the uniform is not worn, that is free time.

10. If a child is abducted, the uniform will be easy to spot, as it will be out of place in certain settings like liquor stores, motels, far from schools, etc.

11. A young person in uniform gets greater respect and trust. People in the street identify them as students; it is a way to show the world that the young person has a noble occupation: learning.
Debate Round No. 2


valcarcelm forfeited this round.


I believe the main arguments for and against uniforms have been laid out. Maybe my opponent will have additional points in the next round.
Debate Round No. 3


valcarcelm forfeited this round.


I believe the main arguments for and against uniforms have been laid out. Maybe my opponent will have additional points in the next round.
Debate Round No. 4


valcarcelm forfeited this round.


I have presented sound arguments in favor of the use of uniforms for school children, the main ones are:

1. Less distractions for students

2. Less expensive for parents

3. Reinforces school spirit

4. Makes school children easier to identify

5. Helps students fit in

Thanks to my opponent for presenting this interesting subject, although it was evident that only 2 rounds were needed. I hope she is alive and well.
Debate Round No. 5
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