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Should students be required to wear uniforms at school?

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Started: 12/25/2008 Category: Education
Updated: 8 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
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As being a student of a school they should wear uniform so that in case of casualties they can be identified easily so their parents and relatives don't have to worry much about their children in such situations.


I thank my opponent for presenting this debate topic and allowing me the opportunity to debate this interesting topic that involves society, social standings and more importantly individuality. I will be defending the position that students are not required to wear school uniform.

Before I establish my main debate points I would like to confirm the definition of "casualties" with my opposition:


2. one who is injured or killed in an accident: There were no casualties in the traffic accident. [1]

Opposition is this the definition we are applying to "casualty"? If not, could you please supply the appropriate definition to continue this debate.

Debate Round No. 1


Priti forfeited this round.


Unfortunately my opponent has forfeited this round without presenting anything bar an assertion. As a rebuttal I feel obliged to make brief points on which I would have covered more extensively if my opponent had shown presence [these points are following on from the definition I provided as my opponent did not confirm the definition]:

1. Individuality: As I previously stated this topic has a lot to do with suppression of individuality, especially as this topic is orientated around teens.

2. School uniform could actually create tension between rival schools and result in casualties needing to be identified - I know from first hand experience school boys tend to have brawls between rival schools. Not only does it create physical tension but creates social barriers.

3. Parents may not actually worry about their children because many forms of other identification is available:
- Identification cards
- Cellular phone book check
- Micro-chipping

Thank you.
Debate Round No. 2
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