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Should students have the choice to go to school or not?

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Started: 11/23/2014 Category: Education
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I feel as though students should be allowed to choose. What is the true benefit of loading students down with work constantly when it really doesn't teach them anything? What do they learn in studying information for a test when they will not retain it? Learning should be a choice, not mandatory. Compare it to forced matchmaking. You are forcibly matched to a minimum of 12 years of school (if you elect to drop out or stop after highschool). In that time, we do learn some valuable life lessons. But one fact remains. If someone does not have a desire to learn, then they will not learn. If someone does have a desire to learn, then they will pursue knowledge. But forcing education on both groups will not change this fact. Nothing will.


Hello, and thanks for starting this debate. To open, i will ask some questions, and I expect answers to be clearly written next to corresponding digits.

1. Is it true that some form of tax revenue is necessary for a country to function?
2. If a country does not receive the revenue, can it function?
3. If paying taxes were a choice, would said nation have the funds necessary to function?

Important things like education and taxes are mandatory because people tend to make choices that are short-term and only beneficial to themselves. If education was a choice, a select few would go. If very few went to school, they will be stuck on welfare and food stamps because they cannot find a job. If education was not essential to achieving a bright future, then you could make this argument. But I for one do not want to have to pay for people who CHOSE to be the way they are, and I refuse to let people become burdens on society.

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Posted by cheyennebodie 2 years ago
What do you mean learn stuff you won't retain. I remember stuff I learned in school almost 50 years ago.You do not give that computer you call a brain much credit. Now there are stuff it would be to your advantage to forget. Like the communism being taught in our schools today. That will not serve you well in your life. Unless of course you have plans on being in government where you get to have power over other people.
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