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Should students have to retake dropped classes.

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Started: 11/20/2014 Category: Education
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Students should not have to retake dropped classes. If they failed math class and had to retake it then they would just be repeating what they already learned before. According to the main reason why students are failing classes is lack of motivation. Because of this lack of motivation students tend to procrastinate about homework and then the end up failing tests and eventually the whole class term. I believe that students should not have to retake a class if they already know all there is to know about it. Students just need to be more focused on learning and not procrastinate when it comes to doing work. I would know because I had the same problem. And I bet most everybody else had this problem too.


I will maintain the stance that students should have to retake classes to move on. Lack of motivation does not give a student a free pass to go through the classes. This will encourage the rising generation to be lazy and not want to work hard because they know they can go up through the classes no matter how hard they work or how well they know the material. This logic does not make any sense. Do you want a doctor to treat you who cheated on his medical exams? Do you want a surgeon to perform surgery on you that only has a 50% success rate?

Education is a privilege. It is something that you must work at to receive. Although my opponent's source says some (only 35%) of students fail classes because of lack of motivation, it must be pointed out that the reasons for failing classes vary widely. Just because some students fail classes because of lack of motivation does not mean all do. My opponent is advocating for all students to have a free pass while at the same time believes students should not have to retake a class if they already know all there is to know about it. According to the source, 12% of students fail classes because of academic unpreparedness, so does this mean that these students should get a free pass too? According to my opponent's resolution, which is to lift passing restrictions, yes.

Being academically prepared is not the only element to having success in life, just as it should not be the only element to passing classes. Motivation, study habits, and responsibility are all part of the equation. If students are not taught to be responsible and be motivated as well as be academically prepared, we will have an upcoming lazy generation as I mentioned earlier. Also, it is impossible to tell of students do or do not know the material if they don't pass their tests. The teachers won't say "well, we'll just assume they know the material anyway and pass them on" and think that the real reason students are failings is that they aren't motivated rather than not knowing the material.

My opponent states that "Students just need to be more focused on learning and not procrastinate when it comes to doing work." I agree, but students are going to be much less focused and will procrastinate more if they find that they don't have to retake dropped classes to pass them.

"I would know because I had the same problem." If you are lazy than that is your fault. Only you can change that, and only you can determine your success.
Debate Round No. 1


While it is true that motivation is not the only reason and we all know that no one wants a doctor that is uneducated, we must also realize that the people who do fail classes because they werent motivated know what the teacher is asking of them and know the answers but they dont want to do the work. Most of the students that fail from motivation know all there is to know so they will have a better chance of making it to college and getting there minds set, but the students that fail because they werent prepared don't know all there is to know. They may try but if you arent strong in the subject you arent going to do very good in the future compared to a person who failed the class because they knew the subject well but didnt do the work. So if the students did not have to retake the class then the ones that knew the subject obviously have a way better chance than the ones who do not and werent prepared. Plus a sergeon with only 50% test scores could come from anyone. Even the best prepared and most likely to pass can fail too. It is biased that only the non-prepared students are the ones that fail when anyone can fail. While it may be true that there are more people that did not try and fail to the amount of students that try and fail, but it must also be recognised that everyone can fail depending on many variables like how the teacher teaches may be unfamiliar to you or you do not understand his instruction. Maybe they do not understand the homework or the tests. And what do the people that try hard and fail get. They get a one way ticket to repeating the class when they were trying hard. If the dropped classes were not mandatory to be repeated then the people that try hard and fail will move up just like the people that do not try hard but know the subject.


"We must also realize that the people who do fail classes because they weren't motivated know what the teacher is asking of them and know the answers but they don't want to do the work." Actually, we don't know if the un-motivated students know the answers. The only way to know that would be to check their test scores, which would be low regardless because the students just don't care enough. If these students really don't care about getting high scores, then why should they pass the class and move on to college? Why should colleges accept them knowing these students really don't care about education? These students probably won't even apply for college because of their lack of motivation.

Having an lazy student retake the class could help them regain their motivation. They know they don't want to be stuck retaking that class forever, so their desire to move on grows until they learn to do the work and put the effort into the class. My opponent is assuming that students who skip class retakes and move on will get better, but in reality this is not the case. Having the student retake the class is the most of efficient way of gaining back their inclination to succeed.

"Even the best prepared and most likely to mass can fail too." Yes, but what of use are these students if they have no desire to put their knowledge to the test? Knowledge is pointless if it is never used. No matter how smart someone is, they are of no use to society if they refuse to use their knowledge in an effective way.

My opponent is now using "students who just aren't smart enough" as his argument. Students who do not know the material should not be allowed to move on because having knowledge and applying it is a requirement for not just school but for society. Let's say a student tries hard in high school but does not get high enough scores on tests to pass the class, so he drops the class. Then, a "no class retake" advocate such as my opponent comes along and establishes a rule that allows all students who have failed to move on. This student moves on to medical school and again gets bad grades, but is allowed again to move on. This graduate student receives a job as an uneducated surgeon and begins to perform surgery on people, but has a pretty low success rate because of his lack of knowledge. This creates a problem in society: jobs are given to the people who don't do well. This "everybody is a winner" philosophy doesn't work.

Debate Round No. 2


Eric.Lafferty forfeited this round.


Vote Pro.
Debate Round No. 3
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