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Should students spend more time in school, rather then given homework.

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Started: 11/2/2016 Category: Society
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I think rather giving students homework, we should have the be in school more. Giving students homework has clearly shown be ineffective over the last few years. In "Why Homework Does More Harm than Good" by Etta Kralovec of Pepperdine University, she talks about how homework doesn't help students at all.

Homework disrupts a students young life. Instead of "learning things from their parents, they are at the table completing unfinished school work." She claims. After loads of research, I can agree with the above statement. Homework puts so many things on hold in a child's life. The necessary life stills that you just cant learn from a textbook are not there for a lot of kids these days due to over working from the school system. I think spending more time in school would be a better solution. This would eliminate the need for homework, and give families that time to spend with there children. Instead of school starting at 8:30 per say, let it start at 7:30 or even 6:30. This would be a much better for both families and teachers.


I will be arguing that students should continue to be given homework that they will have to finish after school hours. As such, I am for NOT increasing time spent in school, in fact I propose that students should spend LESS time in school.

First off, rebuttals. My opponent provided a link to an article which discusses how a certain research shows that homework does more harm than good. First of all, in my opinion, this article does not at all show how homework causes MORE harm than the good it brings. Yes, maybe it does make a compelling argument about the BAD EFFECTS of homework, but there is no way to properly QUANTIFY the magnitude of the bad effects of homework, nor to compare the scale of these bad effects with the good effects that homework no doubt brings. There are probably hundreds of other such research that will claim how effective homework is for the development of students and to bring families closer when parents help out with their kids' homework.

My point is that it is not enough for my opponent to bring out some research about how bad homework is for children. Rather, he should make a more compelling comparative analysis of how a student will be much better off with no homework and more time in school.

Notice also that my opponent seems to think that just because students spend more time in school, this would eliminate the need for homework. If my opponent does not like homework, why don't just introduce a school system where homework is banned? Why should we increase school hours just because we don't like homework? My opponent does not attempt to make any clear link as to how less homework should come hand in hand with more school hours.

He finally suggest students should have to be in school one or two hours earlier than normal. Basically, just because he hates homework, he would rather force students to get up earlier in a world where children are already not having enough sleeping hours due to the abundance of activities they have to do on a daily basis, which does not only include homework but also extra-curricular activities where many students are expected to stay back after school.

I will now start with my arguments. Students should be given homework because it provides an opportunity for parents to not only assess how their kids are coping with subject material, but to encourage parents' participation in their kids' lives. I have already alluded to this point in the rebuttals I made earlier. And this ties perfectly in with why I think school hours should be reduced. When school hours are reduced, kids will have more time to be at home with their parents and more time for them to do the schoolwork together.

I understand that I may sound too idealistic and there are so many factors that have to be present for this supposed parent-child interaction to take place. However, I feel that the alternative is an even worst off scenario. The alternative (as my opponent has worded in the title of this motion and in his arguments) is that these kids spend more time in school. When you do this, you are effectively saying goodbye to parent-child time together. There is absolutely no way for parents to engage and contribute to the development of the child when the child's whole day is spent in school and most adults are working (except probably on the weekends).

I think I have written fairly a lot as compared to what my opponent has done. I feel he has not made much effort as yet on his part. Vote Con:)
Debate Round No. 1


My opponents seems to claim that my research doesn't show how it does more harm then good. Which, in way, is true I will give you that, however. since that is the case, lets explore all the "good" things homework does. One of things homework does is that it teaches responsibly. It teach students to prioritize important things first, and non important things last. It also teaches them good study habits, and teaches them in which ways they learn best, however. BOTH of these skills can be learned in school, with out the excessive homework. Also homework also, in way, turns counterproductive when teaching students life skills they will need. (2) Homework tends to keep students away from other important activities that could teach them important things as well. For instance, according to my second link provided below, "Homework denies kids of sports and social activity. For example, scouting groups and sports teams teach cooperation and leadership, in addition to helping kids stay physically active. Another problem with too much homework is that parents can get too involved. They can put too much pressure on their kids and can confuse them by using different instructional techniques from the teacher's."

Also I have noticed at the end you point out you wrote more. Was that supposed to support your claim, or was that just something extra that wasn't needed? Last time I checked, length does define how good my argument is. Also just wondering, is there anything links you can provided me backing up what you are saying? As of now, it seems that most of what you are saying is purely opinionated, and not based on fact. Unless you have links to website backing you up that is.
Though my opponent has made some interesting points, I cannot but help but to ask, in what ways does it keep parents involved. I, personally, have seen many parents, and families not able to spend time quality time that every family needs. Think about it, instead of spending time with your family and connecting with them. you're at the table. Doing homework. Instead of spending time with friends, and developing close relationships with your peers, you're at the table doing homework. (1) It has been shown that the average high school student spends 3.5 hours their time a night working on homework! That is insanely too much for the average high school student.

I understand that this may not be the case for all high school students, but we are looking at this as a whole. Another bad side effect is that homework stress students out way too much. (3) In fact, research shows that over half of today's students(56%), have claimed that homework is the greatest source of stress related issues. (3) It has also been shown that homework can lead to heath problems, such as sleep deprivation and other health problems such as headaches, exhaustion, weight loss and stomach problems.

(3) As I stated above, homework can lead to less time with friends, and more time stress over how to complete your homework before the next day. It also provides less time for outside of school activities such as sports, and clubs that are offered in high schools around the U.S., and some of these clubs/sports can teach you very important life skills that cannot be learn inside a classroom, or sitting at your desk for the next three and a half hours.

Vote pro.



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