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Should students take part in politics.

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Started: 8/14/2014 Category: Politics
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The first round is for acceptance only.
The debate starts in the 2nd round...
*Arguements can be presented
*Oppositions can be raised



I accept your challenge and you may post your arguement
Debate Round No. 1


I thank Pro for accepting this challenge.

Taking part in politics will have a negative effect on students. They're still growing up, learning about the outside world and still in the stage of developing a character. In today's world politics is unstable. Students may join several groups looking for a way to change their lives without knowing the consequences.
Students must look to their aim in future,rather than spoiling it for such things which will give nothing except timepass. Parents wants their children to succeed in life and become a good person who can look after the family. They will be dissapointed if children gets involved in the rough and tumble of politics.
Insted of wasting time in politics they can learn many things. Time is precious no one should waste it.
Another risk is that students do not have any security. Very often there are disputes in politics. So their lives are at risk.Also these young children are an asset to our country.We cannot have their future damaged this horrible way.They can do something for the country in the future. So why draw them into such a horrible thing which will completely destroy their young,truthful minds.
For eg. Some days back a student eventually died in a dispute...Why?Because he was a leader of a party..This would not have happened if he was not involved in politics....

The aim of education is to give a student adequate knowledge and to equip him intellectually and morally of face the challenges of life. The game of politics, as in our country or for that matter in any country has its own rough and tumble. Ethical and moral considerations take a backseat in this game and the personality of a man at all moments remains charged with manipulative motives and dubious designs. There is a constant craze for grabbing power by whatever means possible — foul or fair.
The standard advanced the issue with the disagreement that politics is the last resort of a scoundrel. It corrupts the student’s mind and degrades his moral character. It creates in him a love for ordinary life and dishonors his noble thought. By diverting his attention towards politics he forgets his actual duty of moral development and intellectual encourage which he is promised as a student. He should therefore be strictly forbidden to be treated in the politics. Therefore students should merely concentrate upon his study with full eagerness and affection.
However students should be informed at all times and have the rights to express their views.

Quite a number of students are involved in politics nowadays even with the implementation of University & University College Act 1971 (AUKU). Some are even members of political parties.
The implementation AUKU prohibits students from participating or expressing sympathy or support for any political parties and disallowing them from entering politics. There are quite a number of students who have been charged under the AUKU and there have been calls to amend the Act especially by the Opposition.

The Young and Reckless
Although personally I favour the thought of students expressing their views and knowing about politics, but to be actively be involved especially in political parties is something that a student should wait until they graduate and are more mature in thinking about life and consequences.

In short, they should learn and experience more about life before blurting out their ideas which sometimes can sound overambitious. There are students who actively participate in various NGOs and became activists and carry themselves with that whole anti-establishment attitude. The thing is, after they’ve graduated and started working, they end up in the rat race just like everyone else.

Another thing is that I find those students who are active in politics tend to be too emotionally driven. Seriously, sometimes I can’t even understand what they are so angry about. If they’ve got themselves scholarships or loans and a chance to study at a university, which, I think is a great privilege. Why not wait until they’ve finished their studies first but at the same time keep track of the country’s political landscape? They shouldn’t ruin their chance of studying by putting themselves at risk by participating in street demonstrations and getting arrested. Not only do they risk being arrested, they might get hurt during these protests. So I think they should be patient. Three to five years of student life is not that long so they should focus on their studies but at the same time can voice out their opinions through discussions and forums.

I understand that, as youths, we all had strong opinions and tend to be more aggressive (or passionate) in sending our messages without thinking much about consequences. Adults on the other hand think more about consequences, and that is why the government can’t simply implement a policy as they have to weigh the consequences of the decisions they make. But to some, especially the young individuals, they don’t see this bigger picture.

Being young and energetic, students are also often used by political parties to back them in supporting their cause. Students’ involvement in politics has its disadvantage as it could waste their valuable time of studying.

A Student’s Job Is to Study
Students shouldn’t be involved in political parties because the core purpose for a student is to study. The priority of every student is to get good grades and equipping themselves with the skills and knowledge they need from their schools/universities. Additionally, students must also gain as much exposure as possible, especially on foreign countries and culture, to help them to use the experience to serve the country. But they should not try to take part on politics.

It is best for students to not be involved in political parties. However, there is nothing wrong with being interested in and wanting to understand more about politics as, for youths, it is important to gain knowledge and have aspirations. Other than that, learning about other aspects of politics like new politics, political engagements, politics of teamwork and politics of compromise would also be useful particularly for those who are dead serious about getting into it once they’re out of school.
Also I have never heard of any parents who wishes for their children to be involved in politics as they all want their children to focus on their studies. Students should learn and expose themselves.

Students’ involvement in politics, especially those who are members of political parties has many negative sides. There is always concern on the hazard of political activities affecting their studies.

So I’ve made my stand and that is students should focus on their studies and if they do want to enter into politics it would be best for them to do so after they’re done studying. In the mean time, while they’re still students, they can still keep abreast on political affairs to get that head start for when they graduate later.



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Debate Round No. 2


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Debate Round No. 3
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