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Should take lightly the following message of a friend on

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Started: 11/14/2012 Category: Society
Updated: 4 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
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I sent only two messages to some of my friends who acced to receive messages from me on this

This is the wording of message:
"This is another Pro debate I initiated. I sincerely believe what I debated and seekyour valuable vote for pro as your friend please."

One of them replied me a message which reads:

"I will cram so much cotton wool down your throat, when it comes out your arse you'll look like a playboy fcking bunny."

I think
a)it is generally acceptable wording on this forum and debate.
b)it is not abusive
c)it is not punishable offence
d)it is not criminal activity
e)I should take lightly and ignore
f)even if I am hurt I should pardon the initiator of this message.
g)I should continue to keep this friendship.

The first round is just for assertion of positions - not more than 1000 characters
Second round debate - upto 3000 characters
Third round arguments - upto 3000 characters
Fourth round consolidation/summation of earlier rounds upto 3000 characters

Person's name: Confidential



Yes, iagree
Debate Round No. 1


Dear Con, Thanks for accepting.

First of all my personal understanding of the term Friend doesn't arise from any semantics or literature following. It comes to me by the conscience or(if you want to call it) a subconscious feeling about few words like mother, father which have lot of unexplainable positive inner meanings. For me the word friend is a soothing and all conquering word. A pat, a few praising words, few understanding nods of a friend can make my day memorable.

a) Although I never used this kind of language, I hear some kind of these things go around, although in a third man's eye it sounds ridiculous,it is used as rough joke even in fora and debates. I may not like the words, and want friends to change to better messages,I point out that it is happening.

b)As I mentioned earlier, from a friend's view it doesn't seem abusive, because friends see the total intention of the sender rather than real wordily meanings. Here the intention is to stop receiving such messages with a big focus on emphasis.

Switching over to the fun side of it.

c) I thought he was just giving a helping hand wrongly identifying me as ulcer patient and offered to get rid of ulcer and duodenal problems by cramming a medicated cotton wool down the throat and trying a natural therapy to bring it out of the arse with all the unwanted mucus and other things why I imagine it is not punishable, although a natural therapy doctor's certificate is to be shown as a proof. Or his friend's friend could come out saying that he initiated that suggestion.

d) Of course it is not criminal activity,it is just a lending business, the cotton wool is just lent and helped in and will be taken out - In fact as a friend he didn't suggest any price-tag, it is offered free. Any ulcer tic Policeman would want me to write a referral letter to this friend.

e) As cotton wool is light and what comes out of arse is normally ignored, this also needs to be taken light and ignored.

f) yea, before undertaking this exercise, a normal practitioner would obtain my consent to not to make a claim in case I am hurt. So an act done with an implied intention of giving one relief should normally be pardoned even some bruises and hurting takes place.

g) yea, even my partner has no time to undertake any such suggestions, here I see a noble person offering intriguing hands, even when I have 00001% chance of getting ulcer, how can I lose the friendship? He is fore-thinking about my welfare all the time, atleast 25 years ahead and committing his time.

I requst Con to post his arguments now..


Squirrel forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 2


natarajan.subramanian forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 3


natarajan.subramanian forfeited this round.


Squirrel forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 4
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Posted by Stephen_Hawkins 4 years ago
I might accept this. However, all I'd do is shout abuse for comedy factor. So...
Posted by Heineken 4 years ago
You sent this message to FREEDO or Imabench. It could have been me, but I stay away from cotton jokes. I live in Atlanta.
Posted by baggins 4 years ago
Send the challenge to S.H...
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