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Should teachers carry firearms?

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Started: 3/4/2015 Category: Education
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Teachers should not be able to carry firearms(guns) at any time. Why? Its a simple answer they would be dangerous to have around a classroom full of students whom are at their rambunctious stage. True that not all students are rebellious and some are completely mature but there are immature children too. After all that's why they are called children.


I accept.

==Contention 1: Faulty resolution==

My opponent seems to be arguing the resolution "Should teachers carry firearms in schools?". That's not what the resolution says, and what the resolution requires is to prove whether or not teachers should carry firearms at all/in general.

Thus, if I can make an argument affirming that teachers (or even just people) should be able or should carry firearms at any time of their lives, then the resolution is already affirmed. If my opponent drops this case, then no matter how bad my argument, the debate would still go to me.

==Contention 2: Self-defense==

Self defense can sometimes be a factor as to why people should be able to carry a gun, or even if they should carry a gun. For example, if an intruder came into your house and threatened to kill you and your relatives, and they were to kill you first, and if they had an unknown identity and could get away with anything, it could justify the use of a gun.

==Contention 3: Freedom==

People should have the freedom to carry a firearm. Sure, they obviously shouldn't go around and replicating the Purge, but people should still be able to carry around guns, as long as their intention is not to randomly fire, but if 1) they have a good reason to and 2) if they have absolutely no intention of firing but just to strike fear into people, or not even do anything at all.


THe resolution is affirmed, due to my opponent being off-topic.

Thank you. Over to my opponent.
Debate Round No. 1


It seems as if my opponent does not fully understand the topic. So I will explain it once again. The topic is should teachers carry firearms(guns)? The question is asking about teachers not just anyone. When a teacher would be carrying the firearm it would be around the student.

Teachers should not be able to carry firearms because there are students that could easily take the gun off the teacher due to there mere size. As I am 13 and only 5'1' there are teachers that I am either the same size or taller than. There are also students with full on facial hair and are complete muscle and are 5'10' or taller. If my teachers were to carry firearms they would have no chance if a student decided to attack the teacher and take the gun. Therefore causing a dangerous situation that places everyone in. Thus giving you no satisfaction in the safety department.


==Rebuttal 1: The relevancy (or lack thereof) of my opponent's arguments==

My opponent is making a general statement that all teachers will only carry guns around students. However, this is not the case. My opponent does not consider the fact that even teachers have personal lives and they actually live in homes and have a (at least partially) social life. Thus this point is null.

Also, the question is asking about teachers, but the term "anyone" will still include teachers. Thus this point is also moot.

Therefore, all my opponent's arguments that follow her first second round statements are null.

==Contention 4: Intruders in schools==

Let us review a case. Say, for example, an intruder (or group of intruders) comes into your school and shoots down all the security guards. If the whole school just hid, then that would probably do no good because they would get away with shooting the security guards as well as possible some more people in the school. If the teachers did not have a gun with them, then the intruders would get away with everything, contrary to the scenario where the teachers did have guns, and could shoot the intruders so they would be subdued and they could actually be captured until the police arrived.

==Dropped arguments==

My opponent drops all my constructive contentions. Extend all of these.


My opponent has dropped my arguments while I have refuted all my opponent's arguments with one rebuttal.

Thus, I affirm the resolution. Thank you.
Debate Round No. 2


Jazalynn11 forfeited this round.


Extend. Vote pro.
Debate Round No. 3
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Reasons for voting decision: Con- did not attend to the matter at hand. Went off topic on height and facial hair. Dropped all of Pro's arguments. Forfeited the last round. Pro- Argued well, though it was not decent by any means. Should have asked for clarity on the resolution, as most of the time was wastefully spent on that. Opening statements would have done fine, but rebuttles were good At the end, I believe Pro gave me a good debate