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Should the Law allow genetically engineered babies for medical reasons?

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Started: 3/3/2015 Category: Health
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Do you think that the government allow genetically engineered babies for medical reasons?


No, I don't.

Aside from the moral implications regarding God and meddling with fate is the scientific fallacy of what a 'medical reason' is.

Is you're kid going to be 'clinically retarded'? You can't tell without brain-scanning it and that's not entirely possible via ultrasound.

Is your kid going to have a psychological disorder of any kind, what with psychology being a branch of both science and medicine? Who knows; no one does.

So this leaves only primarily physically visible ailments to begin to be taken into consideration.

Let's say they have a life debilitating disease. Having a shorter life can be a great motivation to do a helluva lot with the short time you have making you a better human being and contribution to the species.
Debate Round No. 1


Would you deny someone the right to birth a healthy baby? A family who has a history of heredity cancer? Genetic Disorders? All they hope for is a healthy baby, who will grow up to reach its full potential without the burden of knowing they have a life threatening illness?


I would not deny anyone the right to birth a healthy baby. The problem is that there exists no right to birth a healthy baby to deny in the first place.

If your genes don't match up to produce your ideal baby, it is your right to keep the result of your genes and raise it as best you can. Other than that, you have no rights regarding a baby

There is no such thing a hereditary cancer.

If you have an unhealthy baby in your womb, abort it. If you can't produce a healthy baby do not plague the human species with your DNA line, eliminate it at your level and adopt a baby from the already overpopulated Earth.
Debate Round No. 2

Pro forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 3
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