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Should the NFL abolish most of the tackle rules?

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Started: 10/1/2016 Category: Sports
Updated: 1 year ago Status: Debating Period
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Now of course you cant just try to break somebody ankle but I think that the NFL was in its prime and the most entertaining when you saw big hits all the time. And the players know what they are getting into when they sign that contract to play for a team. After all the point of football is to score points and hit the other teams players in the mouth.


Challenge accepted.

I agree with what my opponent has stated: professional football is a consensual endeavor and players agree to being subjected to tackles. It comes with risk of injury but is done by consenting adults for entertainment.

By creating this topic, selecting the "pro" side, and then making this argument, my opponent has refuted their own position.
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So do you agree and this is over or do we keep arguing I saw your comment and i'm just really confused...


I messed up. I am admittedly unfamiliar with the NFL except I have been privy to all the controversies surrounding CTE and calls to do something to mitigate it. I thought the question was about whether tackling should be abolished, as I was not familiar with the tackle rule changes in recent years that you were referring to.

This is embarrassing and has been a definite learning experience for me to not rush in to debate subject matter I don't know anything about.

I was considering being a good sport and doing a little research and playing devil's advocate for you to try to salvage this, but while I was looking into it I found many tackle rule changes and there is too much info here that I can't keep track of and I'm honestly not interested in the subject matter enough to delve as deep as required.

Again, I'm really sorry for mucking this up and hope you can recreate it with a better opponent for it than me.
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Posted by civiero 1 year ago
Oh darn, after accepting and posting that I realized I misread this. I thought it was a debate about whether the NFL should ban tackling.

Now I have egg on my face.

I'll concede this. My apologies for stepping on this and preventing you from having a real debate.
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