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Should the Obamessiah, nuke Beijing, to make China a democracy?

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Started: 1/23/2017 Category: Politics
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Since the news says China is the world's most evil regime, and agrees, the Obamessiah, should nuke Beijing, and wipe China off the face of this earth. Then China will become a democracy, like Japan.


I will assume that this is a joke debate, but I will like to debate this topic no less.

As we have seen in history with events such as the assassination of Sadam Hussein, the violent removal of a tyrannical, dictatorial power without proper military support and a well-planned government to be established soon after may result in the destabilization in all of China.

Additionally, using nuclear warheads, or inciting war-like violence and threats against any nation with a nuclear arsenal is a horrible idea. Unless you're bent on making America like Fallout 4, such a plan will backfire. But regardless if we were to launch the missiles at China, because China has some fairly impressive anti-air weaponry, China would likely destroy the nuclear missile before colliding on its borders.

I find that, for America's large reliance on China's large workforce and manufacturing sector, the trillion dollar debt we owe them, prevent allocating too much spending and using our soldiers from fighting a nearly meaningless war, and in respect to them and in hope to regard them as allies more than enemies, we must stray from inciting violence upon China.
Debate Round No. 1


Very bizarre. I thought both liberals and conservatives, even though they are at each other's throats, want China ded! Hope people won't call you a "communist boot-licker!" I thought America is sinless!
Debate Round No. 2


Here's what I sent to the City University of Hong Kong. Someone on Yahoo!, said nihilism is also atheist. Even though the US may nuke China, there still will be atheism in the world, so it is a barbaric way to "save" China. There are even atheists in the US, and the US doesn't care. Only God can free China, and the world. The US is no God.

Dear City University of Hong Kong,

The problem of China, is even though the US may overthrow the CPC, China still will be atheist. There are other atheisms, other than Communism, such as socialism, secularism, skepticism, libertarianism, capitalism, anarchism, humanism, buddhism, and Jainism. If there is no god, China, and the rest of the world, are doomed. Pray for China!

On another note, the media worships the atheists, Linus Torvalds, Richard Stallman, (creators of GNU/Linux) and what some Chinese person online, calls the "Dalai Liar." This liar claims, China occupies Tibet, even though the Control Yuan, of Taiwan, ROC, acknowledges, Tibet was part of China, during 1948, and Bevin Chu, of The China Desk, agrees. (Bevin Chu, is no friend of mainland China, but he does say Taiwan is Chinese.) Therefore, please publish my China democracy ideas. I want to help make China democratic. Thank you. Please also look at the links.

Hugo Lowenstein

"The Constitution of the Republic of China was enacted on December 25, 1947. According to the Constitutional regulations, the members of the first Control Yuan were elected by the provincial, municipal, Mongolian, Tibetan, and Overseas Chinese representative councils. Thus, on June 5, 1948, the Control Yuan was officially established following the enactment of the Constitution."


That's amazing, dude. Go for it. I hope to see what you're able to make of it.

I'll be rooting for you, man. Good luck.
Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by CosmoJarvis 1 year ago
I can't believe I accepted this debate.
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