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Should the SOL be mandatory in middle schools.

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Started: 4/5/2016 Category: Miscellaneous
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Should the SOLs be mandatory in middle schools.
I think the sols shouldn't be mandatory but be banned in middle schools because the SOLs could hurt the feelings of student who did bad on it. The SOLs affect your grade and if you do bad on it, your GPA will drop and if you have a 1.7 GPA and then take the SOLs and do bad on it, your GPA could drop to a 1.5 GPA. That is a D+, the grade can defect your chances of going to college, and most colleges require a 1.7 GPA or a 2.0 GPA, even know your GPA may go up in high school, middle schools GPA is a big factor in determing your classes in 9th grade. if you are a 1.5 GPA your oppsins are limited.whyll other teens seced in high school get to go to havard or yale or william and mary or any other good schools your stuck with commutinty college which is not fair at all. All because you got a bad grade on the SOLs. Plus, It is hard. That is why SOLs shouldn't be mandatory but be banned in all middle schools.Thank you


I accept the challenge. However, I am confused by the fact that this debate only has one round, since most debates consist of three or more rounds.

As someone from a place other than Virginia(assuming that is where Con is referring to) I have limited knowledge on the SOLs themselves and had to rely on the Internet for definitions.

SOL- Standard of Learning

The reason why these tests should be mandatory in middle school is for a student not to regard his or her lessons as trivial information and dispose of it immediately. The use of these tests is to measure a student"s understanding of the subjects that are being tested; mathematics, science, English, history, and social sciences.

The test"s function was to encourage schools to teach subjects based on the topics in the tests, for example:

School A teaches basic mitosis to its 6th grade students but the SOL test in science did consist of anything relative to mitosis, but instead meiosis.

The Department of Education"s goal was to allow students to be exposed to equal topics, in which that no child was left behind on any given topic that was supposedly to be taught.

The SOL itself was put in place of the Common Core of Learning, because parents and other citizens argued that it did not prioritise education itself, but rather the behaviour of students.

If a student's GPA was affected by the SOL, then it is up to that student to strive for better grades in his or her school work. A student's feelings may be hurt but that should encourage them to do better. (Not trying to make fun of students with bad grades, that would make me a hypocrite.)

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