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Should the Supreme Court have lifetime appointments?

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Started: 7/27/2015 Category: Politics
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The Supreme Court Justices, when appointed, are offered a lifetime appointment. This should not be the case. The Constitution does not state "lifetime appointments." but rather cites maintaining "good behaviour". "Good"? I strongly disagree with this. Where's the rationale for this indefiniteness?

If the argument is to disassociate politics from the judicial branch, then fine, this can still be done with an appointment of 25 years or even less. Lifetime appointments should be disallowed.


The supreme court are not " offered " a life term, it's the only option. The supreme court is the highest court in the nation. The rare event of a presidents appointing them is one which is approved by the Senate. The judges are well picked and experienced. All of them follow their oaths greatly. That they must protect the constitution,as it is written. They are from the best law schools in the nation. They have a lot of time in their careers to study law with care.
Debate Round No. 1


They are well qualified, yes, but that is irrelevant. You provided no evidence in support of the time they are authorized to serve. Is a limit of time of service is justified or not?

I argue for the limitation of time served based on these points:
1- more frequent appointments allows for more judges over time, and thus more expert opinions.
2- the lack of a time limitation is irrational and unnecessary.
3- the time limitation prevents permanent influences from past confirmations.


srhelsel609 forfeited this round.
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