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Should the US have joined WW1 (economic focus)(1919 POV)

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Started: 1/25/2015 Category: Politics
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"War is beneficial "
-Everyone benefits, the workers have better working hours and pay, businesses have more money as a whole, therefore the us economy benefits as a result.

-The U.S. had huge economic investments with the British and French. If they were to lose, then they would not be able to pay the U.S. debt back,France and England were financing their war with US loans. Examples of this include buying massive amounts of arms from the US on credit. The US wanted to make sure that it got paid back. Therefore, America protecting their allies was not only a moral obligation but also an economic obligation.

-If the Allies (French and British) were not able to pay back all the loans made to them by the American bankers, the US's economy could collapse. Thus causing economic chaos in America.

-If the US did not join the war, the Germans would have won. This would have caused economic ruin and the spread of communism!

-There are endless examples of wars from Rome to early America in which the countries benefit after the initial post-war depression.

-Even different social groups benefited from the war. The African, immigrant, and woman workers all gained rights as the men went to serve in the war.

-Britain is an ally and trading partner (whom thus far have lent 2.25 billion to for war resources and arms)


Eeeh yes and no....I think because it was a European we it childhood stayed that way(they started it so they finish it) but the only reason the u.s did join ww1 was because Germany attacked Mexico to get to America so that's when it became our problem. And by the way you're oblivious to fact that war is not in any way beneficial to anyone ok sorry maybe the so called "winner" might have benefited a tiny bit because of the fact they one but don't you remember the U.S bombing Hiroshima and Nagasaki in ww2?....did Japan benefit from that? No al they got were dead innocent citizens yeah and I thought war was between armies not citizens?...
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Posted by TheOneWhoListens 3 years ago
It really doesn't....except for the overpopulation problem
Posted by ColeTrain 3 years ago
War really never solves anything.
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