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Should the USA place a ban on all Bully Breeds?

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Started: 7/9/2016 Category: Miscellaneous
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I do not believe that all bully breeds are inherently vicious. As a volunteer for our local humane society, I have found that pitbull type dogs are some of the most sweet, affectionate, and loving dogs. Never once have I come in contact with a vicious pitbull. All of my prior experiences with agressive dogs have usually been small dogs.


I'm going to focus my argument on the biggest "Bully Breeds" Pit Bulls.

The case for banning pit bulls is growing more convincing as each year goes by. As of May 25, 2013, the USA death count from dogs in 2013 is 14. Of these, 13 people were killed by pit bulls. And the problem is the proponents of pit bulls are taking no steps to improve the dogs, but are only spreading misinformation about them and about the mutilations and killings that they cause.
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You are correct in the sense that pitbulls do raise quite the death count, but banning them is not the answer. It is a proven fact that breed specific legislation is ineffective, therefore would be useless as a preventive measure against attacks. The proper way of handling the bite count would be do have a widespread education program about how to properly handle dogs, especially for children. Due to the fact that most bite victims are children who do not handle a dog properly, therefore causing an attack.
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Posted by TheBenC 2 years ago
There is no evidence that bulldogs are any more dangerous than other dogs. Pitbulls, in particular, are great with people. The issue with the attention they get is not the breed. The problem is the people teaching these dogs. I own a pitbull and it is a cute loving dog because I taught it to be that way. I could take a poodle and turn it into a killing machine that attacks everyone it sees.

There have been plenty of studies done that prove pitbulls are not more harmful than other dogs. Pitbulls are not more aggressive towards dogs or people. They do not have stronger jaws than other dogs. They do not have the ability to lock their jaws. Pitbulls are not dumber than other dogs.

Anyone who argues for a ban on bulldogs simply shows their ignorance. The problem is dog owners who trained their dogs to behave badly. They could own Dogo Argentinos and still teach them to do wrong.
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