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Should the death penalty U.S.?

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Started: 10/14/2013 Category: Politics
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I feel that the death penalty should be legal because people getting out of prison gives them a chance to re offend, it gives the family of the victims better closure, there are also a lot of over-populated prisons in America this will clear up many of those issues


Forgive me if I get out of hand, for this is my first debate.
I will start by discussing the problem this entails for the US government.
If we are letting people stay behind bars we are just adding to the amount of people in prison as well as the amount of money that has to be spent to take care of them. If they are never going be free again anyway what use is it keeping them behind bars, by ending their life they still realize that their life is wasted seeing as they will have to face letting down any obligations they have in society such as being a parent or giving love to a wife etc.
Debate Round No. 1


A high percentage of people who get out of jail re offend, By killing the people it gives the victims families closure since they won't have to worry about your loved ones killer getting out of jail. On top of that prison over crowded has become a serious political issue that has be discussed for several years now and this could lead to the problem being solved


Firstly for my rebuttal i would like to address this statement "this could lead to the problem being solved" The user is stating that the death penalty could be a solution to overcrowded prisons. I would like to remind the user that prison population in the US exceeds 2 million, so to solve the issue of over populated prisons would entail an extreme amount of death penalties.

Back on topic however. What we are arguing for is life behind bars as appose to the death penalty. If the murderer (or offender) is sentenced to life behind bars the victim's family will have closure because the murderer will never get out. That should be closure enough, ending someone"s life however that is extreme.

Footnote. This may seem mildly contradictory to the first statement we made for Con we thought we were arguing for the death penalty.
Debate Round No. 2
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Posted by Legrande 3 years ago
i believe it should be legal because they should be pinushed for their actions
Posted by Legrande 3 years ago
i believe it should be legal because they should be pinushed for their actions
Posted by Lenah_15 3 years ago
BOYYYYYYYY!!!!! dannng'a
Posted by Lenah_15 3 years ago
I believe that it shouldnt be legal because, what if it was you? Would you want to be on a death penalty? Knowing you did something wrong .. but you dont want to be killed right? You have to see it from a personal prospective.
Posted by rashleigh 3 years ago
I feel the death penalty shouldn't be legal because many people are wrongly convicted all the time so you would be killing an innocent person.
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Reasons for voting decision: cons arguments about the absurdity of using the death penalty to solve overcrowding and that families can still get closure were way better then pro's, arguments? Im a little confused because Pro's "reasoning" (I use that word loosely here) behind his stance is almost at odds with the reality of the topic that is beign debated