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Should the emergency hotline "911" for North America be used by other continents?

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Started: 7/8/2016 Category: Politics
Updated: 2 years ago Status: Debating Period
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I honestly think, the number itself "911" should stay in North America. While The emergency hotline should be worldwide, but using different numbers. I like different ideas for a time. For example: It was a coincidence for 911 and 9/11 to happen. It be really cool if other countries use a " date to remember" on theirs. Lol


I think yes, because... what's wrong with it? If it went out of the country, why would it be confusing? It could be even better because some people don't know how to call the police in other countries. I see nothing wrong with it.
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Posted by RNG_REKT 2 years ago
What if it WASN'T a coincidence that 9/11 is the same as 911?
Posted by Bored_Debater 2 years ago
It is pretty confusing...
Posted by caty44444444 2 years ago
whats the structure and rules for the debte? + WATS THE ACTUAL TOPIC COZ I AM REAL CONFUZZLED!
Posted by Bored_Debater 2 years ago
I'm a little confused and I'd like clarification before I could accept. Are you saying that each emergency department in other nations be different in each city in their country?
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