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Should the government Lower the age of people able to obtain their drivers permit / license

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Started: 11/14/2014 Category: Cars
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I think younger kids should be able to drive.
1. Special test should be giving out to younger teens that are of age 14+ to obtain a drivers permit and 17+ to obtain a license.

Now I say this because kids always wanted to drive. With the right help we may be able to get them onto the streets learning how to properly drive. Any person(s) that has a good IQ level and vision should be valid.

2. Children break the law everyday just to drive. And driving without proper training will be fatal.

Teens should be more responsible and active. If a child can hold a gun with a permit why shouldn't they be able to drive to and from school.


First of all, good luck and I hope this will be an interesting debate

There is a reason why we set a 16+ age limit to Drivers Ed classes, kids are just too reckless and they underestimate dangerous situations. Even with "proper training" they get into a lot more fatal accidents than adults. According to male teens make up 30% of total costs in motor vehicle injuries among males, and females make up 28% motor vehicle injuries among females. These kids get the proper education, however once they are thrown into a real world situation they are young and make unreasonable choices. 14+ kids would be even worse considering that these kids just finished (or are in) middle school and they don't have much experience compared to adults.
Debate Round No. 1


Also good luck...
But its not just teens that causes accidents and not all children are irresponsible. But teens only accounted for 8 percent of motor vehicle deaths, As a behind the wheel driver, and 10 percent of deaths in the passenger seat. Now there isn't a large gap in between these two statistics. But parents driving also have to multi task. Leaving kids in more danger.
Quoted from "16 year olds have the highest crash rates than any other age"so that means the first year 16 year olds drive they are more likely to crash in New York than a 15 year old driving in Virginia. Quoted from it states that a little more than 1 third of adult drivers had a collision or came close to one. Which is 103m


Adults have to multitask while driving because they are driving. However, adults have more experience and can multitask way better than kids do. We also seem to have a contradiction between statistics, however my source was from the Center for Disease Control. Also you say teens contribute 8% of motor vehicle deaths. However, the injuries contributed is, like I said before, 30% for male teens and 28% for female teens. The reason why 16 year olds have the largest crash rate is because that is the first year you are permitted to drive, so they are inexperienced. If the first year you are permitted to drive is 15, the 15 year old crash rate would surpass the 16 year olds because the 15 year olds would be even less experienced.
Debate Round No. 2
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Posted by Texas_Rebel 2 years ago
This debate had to have been started by a 14 year old. Anybody of legal driving age knows that letting anybody younger, no matter how much "training" they get to have their license. I used to think that younger people should be able to get a permit or some form of a permit, but now that I have grown and actually have my license, have really noticed that kids don't need theirs. I'm all for teens getting their licenses at 16+, and in some cases, they should have to wait until 18+ depending on their driving/test scores at the DMV.
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