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Should the government be allowed to rob people at gunpoint to pay for mediocre healthcare.

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Started: 3/22/2017 Category: Politics
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Access to healthcareR03; is a right. Through coercive regulations the government has made the cost unaffordable to a significant portion of our country's population. Unable to take responsibility for their actions, many of these same politicians have come forth claiming that they are obligated to provide healthcare to their people, because it is a right. This is nothing more than a political ploy to gain more authority over the people. Governments don't grant rights. If they did that would imply the natural state of humanity is that of a slave to the state. Being that man existed before the state we know this is not the case. Our right is to unmolested access to healthcare which the government has violated. These politicians don't care if we have healthcare or not. All they want is enough people to say that they are justified in committing theft on a massive scale. If they truly cared about the well-being of the people they would 1. End Taxation. Taxation is taking money by force from innocent people. This aggressive act leaves us poorer and having to work harder for less benefit. Studies have shown that longer working hours and less money lead to a shorter and lower quality life. 2. Remove all regulations on the acquisition of health care and health care insurance. There is a clear trend that the more the government is involved in an action the worse it gets. Only governments have committed genocide, instituted apartheid and segregation, organized and forced participation in massive wars, and enabled the enslavement of our fellow man.

The healthcare debate is no different than any other debate involving the government in that it follows these several steps.
1. The government breaks your leg. (In this case it puts destructive and costly regulations on the health care industry)
2. It gives you a pair of crutches. (Provides health care coverage)
3. Claims you wouldn't be able to walk without their help. (Enforces a monopoly preventing competition either through regulation or prohibition)
4. Sends you, your friends, and your posterity the bill for both the service of breaking your leg and the crutches (Taxes and debt)
5. Shows up to your house or place of work with guns to either kidnap you (jail) or steal your money (taxes and fines).
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