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Should the government be controlling the internet for it's citizens?

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Started: 5/23/2016 Category: Politics
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Personally, I do not believe that there should be governmental involvment with our internet lives, and here's why:

In the past, when social media was first being introduced into the public, anyone could post and write anything they wanted without fear of the government looming over their shoulders. Now, however, practically anything and everything you say could get saved by the government so they know exactly who and what to block. Currently, many people in China and other communist areas have had their internet and social media privileges be severely controlled. If the U.S. government starts doing the same thing, how are we any better than them? This is why the government should not be allowed to monitor and block certain people from social media.

In more recent times, people have used social media for the benefit of the public in helping to topple Egypt"s corrupt government. In the article " Egypt five years on: was it ever a social media revolution?", protester Fawaz Rashed stated " We use Facebook to schedule the protests, Twitter to coordinate, and YouTube to tell the world". In other words, social media was used to help out a troubled society in organizing peaceful protests. This shows that if the government starts blocking people from social media that helpful events like this one could no longer exist.

Now, you may be asking yourself, " there are already people that mean to do harm on others, why shouldn"t the government get involved with them"? To that I say, it is your own personal choice to pay attention to those people. Also, you have the power bloc people like that yourself, it would simply be redundant to have the government intervene as well.

In conclusion, social media can be used for a good cause and if it starts becoming blocked or restricted, doing so would not be good for society. As previously stated, social media was used in tandem to overthrow a corrupt government. This is why the government should not be able to block or restrict social media to the general public.


People have always believe that it has been the government's job to protect us, they are our shield from danger and they are the ones who support our military. If you are against government, I totally support your opinion, I dislike a bunch of old farts running our country, but the internet is like another world where people can meet and discuss plans. If the government didn't watch the internet, things like the black market and the dark web would be serious issues, the internet is no longer safe, when money and personal info are on the web, the government saw through to it to protect the things Americans hold dear to themselves.

A couple years back, a hacker stole over 10,000 credit card numbers via the dark web, who stopped them, the government.

But I however agree somewhat with your take on the social media, the government has been going down a road of over censorship, but can you blame them. Think about the threats we have to America today, ISIS, Terrorism, Propaganda. The NSA keeps that kinds of stuff off our internet, they are preventing the equivalent of disrupting the peace on the internet.

In addition, you have to ask yourself. Why are there top secrets, why do some people have clearances, they are there because the common people can sometimes not be trusted with that info. Social media helps get the word out on important info, but should something like our plans for attacking ISIS leak, then the media will be our enemy, that is why the government monitors these kinds of media sources.

I Don't think that the government policy should get any stricter, but it should not get any more lenient either.
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