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Should the religious beliefs of parents be passed onto their children?

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Started: 9/22/2016 Category: Religion
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The indoctrination of children in religious households is commonplace in all parts of the world. If you are born in a christian household, you are born into the christian faith and with that comes the ingraining of ideologies from an age at which you are unlikely to question or challenge such ideas. In fact, this is true for any religion and the ideologies which are ingrained in the mind of a child are totally dependant on whatever part of the world they happen to find themselves in. This common place indoctrination, which seems to be considered a normality and no cause for concern, has always been very troubling to me and I find it to be a cruel and unfair practice. Children are by nature impressionable, probably in some part due to an evolutionary development to aid fast initial learning in order to survive. The thought that this impressionability is taken advantage of out of desire to impose one's beliefs on another is revolting. I believe all children have a fundamental right to be allowed to grow and develop in an environment free from any imposed beliefs which, in effect hinder them from forming their own. Some examples of such situations which are seen as normal in every day life and totally benign include bar mitzvahs, where 13 year olds are welcomed to the world of Jewish adulthood, and of course baptisms where infants are accepted into the church. This practice of indoctrination has no place in modern day society and should be abolished.

In short: Children should not be exposed to and brought up believing ideologies of parents. Children should be free to decide their beliefs for themselves, without the involvement of bias views from family.

I am keen to hear from someone from the other side of the argument, perhaps someone who was brought up in such an environment and found it to be beneficial or someone who believes in bringing their children up in this way. I start this debate as it is a subject I am concerned about and eager to hear all views in relation.

Thank you
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Posted by PowerPikachu21 1 year ago
I don't know if this is more of a Pro or Con stance, but parents should try to get their kids into religion, but, ultimately, it's the children's decision. Freedom of Expression and whatnot.
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