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Should there be a civil rights movement for Hispanic people?

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Started: 10/21/2014 Category: Politics
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As a Hispanic myself I see many Hispanics become a receiver for racism. The first Example is the Fact that if you are Hispanic You are instantly though of a Mexican no matter if you are or not. The second issue is that if you are Hispanic the first question you may get is, "Are you legal?" What kind of question is that. The third problem is If your name is Jose you have to change it to Joe to get a job. If you speak Spanish in public then people constantly yell at you, "You're in America speak English." Another problem is Hispanics don't have many job options as most employers think if you're Hispanic then you are illegal. All of this is unfair so I propose we have another civil rights movement but not just for Mexicans but other minorities too.


The very notion that being thought of as Mexican is an insult is prejudiced against those of the Mexican nationality. Additionally, even if what Pro is stating is true, the jump of logic from Hispanics being immediately being thought of as Mexican to even remotely covering the suffering, degrading public and private humiliation and abuse that the blacks received pre-Civil-Rights movement (but admittedly post-slave period) is absurd.

By the early 1870s, white supremacist groups arose that violently opposed African-American legal equality and suffrage.[1] This was after the KKK had already launched extremely violent, homicidal assaults on blacks simply for striving to be equal to whites in any way whatsoever.[2] This is not remotely scaled to the suffering of Hispanics being labeled as 'Mexican', to even suggest this is blatant disrespect to ineffable severity.

What precisely is the assumption that Hispanics cannot get jobs based on? Absolutely nothing apart from Pro's unverifiable subjective assumption.

If you speak English in Mexico, you get
robbed.[3]If you are lucky enough, you get raped and robbed![4] See how prejudice and ignorance can works both ways?

Pro's entire case takes an ugly turn when he/she decides to proceed to go into other races having it (entirely disregarding the constraints of the resolution).

Debate Round No. 1


Con was right in that I had no evidence so let us go through this issue with my sound evidence. First let us look at the definition of racism. Racism- the belief that all members of each race possess characteristics or abilities specific to that race, especially so as to distinguish it as inferior or superior to another race or races (Merriam Webster). The fact that the first question people ask Hispanics is are you legal. I have witnessed this question way too many times. One instance is at a supermarket, there was a cashier who was attending a Hispanic man and the first question she asked him was, "Are you legal?" Though there are many illegal immigrants the question are you legal is a very heartbreaking experience . To clear up con's comment about me being prejudice, I am not noting that being Mexican is bad, I am just saying calling someone from Puerto Rico, Mexican can be the same as calling someone from the middle east, an Afghan.
Going back to the definition of racism, the act of racism does not have to be big and extreme, as long as it is degrading a race it is racism. When I say civil rights movement for Hispanics, what I am talking about is a figurative movement so that Hispanic people can be treated equally. Before anyone says they are, I go back to how Jose, has to change his name to Joe to get a high paying job. BuzzFeed actually had a video on a man who filled out the same resume, only changing his name to Joe, to the same companies, but the companies only said yes to Joe. Is that not degrading, having to change your name just to get a job. Does this not put a damper on the American Dream.
I would like to finally point out that con said," even if what Pro is stating is true..." thus saying I am right.


user_name forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 2


My opponent appears to have left so....


user_name forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by AnonymousMan135791113 2 years ago
1. cheyennebodie like my opponent said shut your mouth when you go to another country you are require to respect their laws. Please specify what guy so I know you are not delusional
2. Thank you user_name For a so far great debate your points are opening my eyes and I hope I am doing the same for you.
Posted by user_name 2 years ago
Just shut up, you are seriously ignorant as f*ck and I have no time for you.
Posted by cheyennebodie 2 years ago
I understand why they do it. They do not have the courage to stay in their own country and fix it ,so they do not have to leave their homes and immigrate here. They have just as many resources as we do.Get rid of the socialist, communist government they vote in every election.

Of course it is hard being in a country you are not a citizen of and you are not legal in. There are 169 countries in the world I would have the same problem in. In fact, Mexico treats Americans horribly. Take that guy that got on the wrong lane and went into Mexico to simply turn around. He has been in prison for months Because he broke some stupid Mexican law.If I were president when that happened. I would have shut the Mexican border down and not allowed any Americans to travel to mexico until he was released. But we have a coward in the white house.
Posted by user_name 2 years ago
Shut up cheyennebodie, you have no idea how hard it is for someone to be an illegal immigrant and have to survive on near to nothing. You also have very little understanding of why they do it to begin with.
Posted by cheyennebodie 2 years ago
Why are you blaming those who ask those questions? Mexicans are by far the most illegals. If they had stayed in their own country and fixed those problems, there would be no need to immigrate here.

So, it is the iilegals at fault, not we Americans who want out borders honored.So, get off your high horse and put the blame where it belongs.

If you are legal, you already have constitutional rights. If you are not legal you have the right to safe passage back where you came from.That's it.
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