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Should there be a difference between men and women ?

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Started: 12/22/2017 Category: Society
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Actually, society is changing mentality and gives differences between men and women by setting stereotypes. Indeed, men and women have different opinions, make differents choices and have different living conditions. Nevertheless they are both human beings and even if they are opposite they complete themselves. So even if they have other life perception there should be no more prejudices against women or men, so that they are equal. But there are many factors. in this case, there are many social factors that come into play.


If there wasn't a difference, humans wouldn't be able to reproduce.
Debate Round No. 1


Yeah, that's right. Biologically speaking, man and woman are different and fortunately!
Yet as individuals there should be no difference between men and women. We cannot forget that women and men are individuals in their own right, knowledge has evolved and it is now recognized that women are capable of doing as much as men, especially intellectually. So there will be less frustration on both sides, the world will be better.


Your entire debate is should there be a difference. "Yeah, that's right. Biologically speaking, man and woman are different and fortunately." Case closed.
What stereotypes are you talking about? What country? Are we talking current day?
If you say that men and women are equal, then you are not talking on an individual scale, you're grouping them based on gender.
Debate Round No. 2
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Posted by FollowerofChrist1955 2 years ago
you mean the Society that likes to pretend that sexuality is a state of Mind? You mean Society that Like's allowing perverse and depraved humanity to believe they can ACTUALLY BECOME a different sex ... despite the Global knowledge that that IS physically, mentally AND medically impossible? Reality isn't altered in the slightest, what you have is Feminized MEN and masculine WOMEN, nothing more? That the Society you talking about?

Umm, I wouldn't put to much stock on them? Before long they will claim man can become penguins because they identify with them. Just the other day, a person has Identified with a Philippine National, so now .... He is Filipino!

Men and women ARE different in many ways. They are never going to be physically equal, morally equal, psychologically equal. To many differences ... course you'd be hard pressed to get a professional to say that in this New Society? Not financially smart! Forget whether it's true! Truth is dead! Waiting for the worse of Revelation to begin now! Shouldn't be to much longer!
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